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Return to the main page of the record of the world\'s Syrian rebels claiming to have shot down regime fighter jets;
Leveson will announce its findings tomorrow afternoon, November 28, 2012.
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Host Becky Anderson: Tonight at connecting the world, as Syrian rebels claim to hit the Assad regime directly again, it appears to be a smoldering wreckage of a Syrian fighter jet.
Announcer: this is the live broadcast of CNN London TV.
Anderson: On the surface, it seems that the Syrian rebels are making progress.
Tonight, we will explore whether this is the case.
Also this hour, published and cursed, the British newspaper industry is waiting for the biggest change since the invention of the printing machine.
In the golf world, the belly hurts on the broom handle.
Why does this little beauty bring yips to the game.
First Tonight, two car bombs hit a small town near Damascus.
The explosions went through the basic Square (ph)
A fire broke out at dawn today.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 54 people have died, all civilians.
The area is said to be loyal to Bashar al-Assad.
The devastating attack comes as rebels claim significant progress in attacking the government\'s air force.
They said they shot down three military aircraft in the past 24 hours.
We are in Syria tonight.
Our senior international correspondent Arwa Damon is in northern China.
Earlier, she visited the scene where one of the government planes was allegedly shot down.
Arwa is joining us now.
Ava, what did you find?
CNN International correspondent Ava Damon: The plane was shot down over the Olive Garden, and the wreckage was scattered all over the place. when we got there, it was still burning, and the old and the young were picking.
They all said that it was a big and great victory for them, just because they had heard the jets overhead every day in the past, feel fear and fear the sound of the Hum helicopter of the jet aircraft, and they cause countless casualties.
Many of them display metal fragments as war trophies.
We saw the kids behind the tractor working on a rather large piece of tangled metal.
We spoke to a witness who said he was picking olives in the woods when he saw the plane hit and two pilots pop up.
At this point everyone went out to look for and hunt down these pilots.
At that time, he and others told us that they did find a pilot who was unconscious after a head injury.
This is not an isolated incident.
In the same area very close to the city (inaudible)
Not far from the battlefield in Aleppo, in just 24 hours, the rebels claimed that they had shot down not only the fighter but two helicopters Becky.
Anderson: You \'ve been in and out of Syria for the past two years.
It\'s not an easy job, the job you have now, whether it\'s back in there now.
If so, how do you describe the emotional changes of the locals?
DAMON: It\'s been evolving and changing over time.
What is very important now is how much territory the rebels control.
One cannot even imagine driving through parts of the country, and we were able to drive through without any signs of government forces.
That\'s why the plane crashed.
The fact that the rebel fighters have told us is that after they had an incredible fierce battle in that place more than a week ago, took over a huge base of 46 regiments and their hands were in these-
They said they used the missile to shoot down the fighter.
People\'s mood is really different.
Some people are determined to stick to it.
Some people are optimistic that the ending will be closer and closer.
However, many people are very worried that this has been dragging on for so long.
We have not seen the growth and emergence of these extremists, and some of them do have links with al-Qaida.
As they have been telling us throughout the conflict, people do believe very much that the reason they want international intervention is to overthrow the regime because they believe that, the longer the Assad regime continues, the more these extremists will grow and prosper.
But overall, despite all the devastating losses this country has suffered, people remain optimistic because they do ultimately believe they will achieve their goals, but a lot of people really realize that this is a very difficult road and it will be a very painful Road.
Anderson: Ava Damon is working for you in northern Syria this evening.
Thank you, Ava.
Arwa was there talking about the recent tactical progress the rebels have made.
I want you to know here exactly what she\'s talking about --
In the south of the country, you may remember last weekend when CNN reported that the rebels were in Marj al-
From the airport to Sudan in Damascus.
Our video here is about the attack.
It is reported that what we see is that the rebels fired rockets from the ground to the helicopter.
If we go back for a while, I just want you to know what the rebels claim at least at this point.
They said they had taken over the air base near Dayr al.
The East is Zawr, the South is Daraa, and the West is Idlib.
It has to be said that they do not necessarily keep these air bases, but this is an opportunity for them to pick up their weapons.
It\'s their strategy to pick up the weapons and win the next battle.
Now, we have some evidence that, as Arwa mentioned in Aleppo, the rebels use ground-to-air missiles.
They said they were caught.
Let me get rid of it. here in Aleppo.
They said they received it from 46 bases near the town of Atreb last week (ph)
Not far from Aleppo.
The video is designed to show the rebels how to train with these weapons.
It\'s too early to say if this is a game, but the rebels have wanted to put their hands on ground-to-air missiles for a while to defend against --
Let me show another video where we have training from the rebels to defend against what they say is the deadly air strike by Assad.
The question is, is this a game?
OK, now let\'s get some perspective from Fawaz Gerges, who is a regular visitor to the show.
Let\'s call you a big thinker, shall we?
He is the director of the Middle East Center at London School of Economics and is now joining us from Beirut.
You heard about Arwar.
The three military aircraft were shot down in the past 24 hours.
At least the rebels will say that they have made great gains against the Assad regime at this point.
From your point of view, do we see a game moment at this point?
Fawaz gerges, London School of Economics: No, Becky.
I\'m afraid we haven\'t arrived yet.
I think the opposition is attacking.
I think the opposition is making progress.
I think the opposition is weakening the government\'s position.
I think the strategy of the opposition is to consume the war and drain the power of the government.
But we are not there because the opposition has no means and no real force to strike the government decisively.
It\'s just a qualifier for your audience, Becky.
In the past two weeks or so, government forces have stepped up air strikes and attacks on opposition groups across Syria, Damascus, Homs, Deraa, Deir ZurZour (ph)
Including Syria-
Fighter jets and helicopters crashed on the Turkish border today.
This tells you that the basic strategy of both camps has been upgraded.
In fact, what we are seeing in Syria now is a qualitative escalation of violence.
Neither camp has the means and ability to strike decisively, although I think the momentum is with the opposition at this particular stage.
Anderson: Okay.
So have you seen any indication that, for example, Russia is ready to get involved in this armed conflict?
I think the problem is that at this point, we know that on the long side, the rebels have the pockets of al-Qaida-type rebels.
On the regime side, who is currently helping to support things?
You see, Becky, I think you are very important to the issue of Russia.
Look, what did Russia say today?
After the terrorist bombing in Jamana, Damascus, they said that no one should basically sanction the terrorist bombing in Syria.
Russia\'s position has not changed.
It opposes the armed opposition.
It agreed to negotiate a political solution with the Assad regime.
The opposition and the Assad regime, the opposition and the United States and the West oppose any settlement with Mr Assad himself.
The reality is, you have a Russian.
US competition on Syria reminds us of the Cold War.
That is why the conflict in Syria is very complicated.
That\'s why there is no gamechanger.
Becky, I\'m sitting in Beirut now.
Come to Beirut and see how polarized the country is between support and oppositionAssad.
Go to Iraq and see the polarization of Iraq.
So is Jordan.
Iran, Iraq and Russia are all supporting the Assad regime.
It has received a lot of support in Lebanon and other countries.
That\'s why, despite the fact that the Assad regime has weakened a lot, it still has the ability to fight for months, if not for a year or two.
Anderson: Fawaz, I know you \'ve been in the area for a while.
We will speak again in the coming days.
Fawaz Gerges is a regular on the show.
Your thoughts are always appreciated.
Fawaz Gerges left Beirut to serve you this evening.
You watch live in London.
After nearly two years of bloody civil war, our headline tonight is that the rebels claim to have made significant tactical progress in Syria and they shot down a third military aircraft in as many days as possible
It\'s not clear. it\'s a game.
However, there is no doubt that this increases the risk of a civil war that has claimed the lives and lives of more than 40,000 people.
However, just days after a controversial presidential decree was issued, Egypt suddenly declared its constitution.
We will make the latest report on the crisis that triggered national protests.
The notorious British hacker is ready for the results of the British news ethics survey.
BP was severely punished for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
What\'s the latest American move? S.
In the future, the government may have an impact on the oil giant.
All of this and more as the connected world continues. Stay with us. (
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Anderson: There is still a quarter from 9: 00 in London.
You\'re watching CNN.
This is connecting the world.
I\'m your Becky Anderson. Welcome back.
Now, a surprise announcement from Egypt could spark a flame of anti-corruption.
Government angry again
Today, near Tahrir Square, new clashes broke out between police and protesters.
Protesters are angry at President Mohammed Morsi\'s decree extending power, and now some blame the Muslim Brotherhood for stealing the Constitution.
Reza Sayah explained. (
Start Video Editing)
Reza sayah, cnn international correspondent: initially, a group of 100 members was assigned to draft the constitution, but the process has been confusing, and most of the members in this group are Islamists, there have been many conflicts.
Several liberal members of the group resigned to protest and others sued for the dissolution of the group and restarted.
If the group had drafted Egypt\'s new constitution now, it would certainly have provoked the anger we saw in Tahrir Square. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Anderson: look at some of the other stories that we\'re focusing on tonight on connecting the world.
Details of a banking scandal have been revealed in Afghanistan.
A separate report says a handful of politically connected people have been involved in more than $0. 9 billion in \"fraudulent loans and corruption\" from bank depositors in Kabul \".
Among them are the brothers of Afghan President Hamid Karzai.
He denied the charge.
When the scandal surfaced two years ago, people lined up around the block and took their money out of the bank.
People are still nervous. (
Start Video Editing)
Shop owner Zabiula Ahmadi (
By translation)
I have a savings account at Kabul Bank, but after the Kabul Bank scandal, I took back my money because I was afraid that the hard-earned money I worked for would be lost, because I know millions of dollars have been robbed from the Kabul Bank. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Anderson: Well, the UK said it would not support the United Nations vote tomorrow on the Palestinian request to improve status, and it would abstain if the wording did not change.
Now the Palestinians are asking the United Nations to allow them not
Member observation status.
Russia, France and Spain have supported the move. S.
Oppose with Israel.
British Foreign Secretary Haig said it is not time to take this action. (
Start Video Editing)
British Foreign Minister William Hague: Given the urgent need for both Israelis and Palestinians to resume negotiations as soon as possible, we ask Palestinian President Abbas not to propose a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly for the time being.
Our point is that it is better to give the United StatesS.
There is an opportunity for the government to come up with new initiatives. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Anderson: William Hague. Well, the M-
23 Congolese rebels said they would withdraw from the important eastern city of Goma.
Witnesses said some rebels packed trucks full of weapons and supplies and drove north out of the city.
The group said it would withdraw troops from a distance of 20 kilometers from Goma, but would still send troops at the airport.
More than 140,000 people have been displaced in recent violence.
Well, there are people in America. S.
It is about to become very, very rich.
The country\'s strong-ball lottery jackpot hit a record high of $0. 55 billion, or about $ billion.
This triggered a frenzy of buying tickets.
As you can imagine, Mary Snow is in a convenience store in New York.
Did you buy a ticket or two?
Mary snow, cnn correspondent: of course, Becky, yes. Five actually.
Because I want to be a very, very rich person.
But unfortunately, I am on the same boat as millions of other people.
We are in a convenience store in Manhattan.
The 24-hour store is endless.
The owners have been watching people, including Tyrone Davis, who joined us.
How many tickets have you just bought?
I just bought two. SNOW: Two.
Do you often play strong balls? DAVIS: Yes.
Snow: have you won? DAVIS: No.
Snow: you have heard the odds of astronomical numbers, and the odds of 0. 175 billion are 1.
What do you think?
Davis: I just need to be that person.
Snow: Have you ever thought about how to spend it?
Davis: It\'s not a problem.
Snow: It took a lot of time to think about it? DAVIS: Yeah.
Snow: OK.
Good luck to you.
Thank you, Tyrone.
Davis: have a good time.
Snow: Thank you.
Becky, you know, I talked to a woman before and she came in and bought tickets for $10.
She said, you know, I won\'t win, but she thought
Being able to do a day-long daydream about resigning and how she will spend the money is a worthwhile investment. (
Start Video Editing)
How many tickets did you buy?
I bought $20 and 10 tickets.
Snow: So, is it worth the $20 day daydream?
Woman: Why not?
Is that what you did?
Unidentified Woman: We talked on the way here, yes.
My dad called and asked if we were playing. inaudible)
About how these numbers will work. So. . .
Unidentified male: I have been thinking about who I will help, who I will pay for, and who I will donate. So. . .
Unidentified women: How long will we stay at work.
Snow: In Washington, D. C. , 42 states are playing strong balls. C. , the U. S. Virgin Islands.
In New York, in New York state alone, lottery officials say they are selling nearly $2 million an hour --Becky.
Anderson: Yes.
I can understand.
Thank you, Mary.
I always wanted to know where I was.
Would I share the money if I won such a prize, but I\'m pretty sure I might not.
Am I a bad guy? Probably.
We have to take a break.
When we come back, the British media and reports that may change its fate. Stay with us. (
Business break)
Anderson: Well, in a settlement with an Irish newspaper, the stars of the British version of X Factor were rewarded with more than $600,000.
The Irish Sun has made false allegations of sexual assault against Louis Walsh.
Now, Walsh\'s lawyer claims that a crime writer at the newspaper provided the alleged victim with money to file a complaint with the police.
The complaint was later found to be false and the plaintiff was sentenced to two years in prison.
Now, this solution was reached one day before the publication of the United Kingdom\'s investigation into journalism ethics.
You will remember that the investigation was triggered last year when the details of the extensive telephone hacking of newspaper reporters surfaced.
As Dan Rivers now explains, the long-awaited Leveson report could change the face of the British newspaper journalism forever. (Start Video)
Dan rivers, cnn international correspondent: As the ink in Lord lewesson\'s report dries, it\'s hard to imagine a more anticipated document for the British press.
Government agencies are preparing to implement some or all of his proposals.
This is probably the biggest change in the British newspaper industry since the invention of the printing press.
How did we get here?
Man: Well, let\'s deal with the first point first.
Rivers: lewesson first looked at the tabloid newspaper excess, the News of the World\'s hacking of the phone of a murdered female student, Milly Dowler, and other invasive behaviors.
Reporter Paul mcmulan: It\'s not a bad thing for a journalist to hack into Milly Dowler\'s phone, he\'s a well-meaning journalist, just trying to help find the girl
Actor Hugh Grant: part of our media has become toxic in the last 20 or 30 years.
Sally Dowler, the mother who murdered the girl: Then I called her.
There\'s in her voicemail.
So I heard her. And I was -
Like me-
She took the voicemail. She\'s alive.
Kate McCann, mother of the missing girl: I feel completely violated.
I wrote these words.
I think this is the most desperate time of my life.
But journalists and police were also censored.
So, is this a matter of cash and wine flow as information is leaked?
John Yates of FRMASST.
Police Committee: most likely (inaudible)
Yes, but when a bottle is shared with a few people, but not from your suggestion.
Reporter Jeff Edwards: Some of them like to relax with a glass of wine.
Jackie Holmes, financial risk manager.
Police: The gentleman\'s drinking club has become human.
This is the case over the years.
Journalist Sean O\'Neill: I think it\'s very important to see a criminal journalist who can leak a senior police officer and talk openly and freely.
Paul Stephenson
Police Commissioner: I would say that for every journalist I \'ve ever met, they would be happy if I wasn\'t independent.
My job is to make sure I don\'t.
Rivers: at the end of the day, Levisen made a request to the media tycoon, especially Rupert Murdoch, which is really a killing for British politicians.
Rupert Murdoch, News Corp.
Founder: I never asked politicians for anything.
Gordon Brown
British Prime Minister: I have never asked for the support of the newspaper directly.
I never complained when they didn\'t give us support.
British Prime Minister David Cameron: there is no public agreement of support, no secret agreement, no nod and no blink of an eye.
Tony Blair from FRM.
British Prime Minister: I don\'t know that Rupert Murdoch has changed our policy.
Murdoch: We have never sold our business interests in newspapers.
John Prescott of FRMDEP.
The Prime Minister: I have always believed that it is wrong for the highest level of politicians to be too close to Murdoch.
Rivers: there is an old saying in the newspaper, \"Publish and be cursed \".
But the long investigation left an indelible stain on the British media.
The content of this report may make a lot of people with ink feel sick.
And it is likely to recommend a media regulator with the power to stop and punish tabloid excesses.
Dan rivers, CNN correspondent. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Anderson: Well, the report will be released in London at 1: 00 on Thursday.
Listen to the live report of its release and follow-up response, which is OK on CNN.
The latest world news headline \"Connecting the World\" is coming, plus the deepwater blowout is banned, why BP is stuck in more hot water in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. And swapping (inaudible)
For container transportation, Starbucks has raised its commitment to sustainable development to a new level.
These stories are after your headlines. (
Business break)
Anderson: A very warm welcome to the audience in Europe and around the world.
I\'m Becky Anderson.
This is CNN\'s latest world news headline.
The Syrian opposition has announced two car bombings in a small town near Damascus, killing more than 50 people. ph)
Mainly Christian and drauze, traditionally believed to be loyal to the Syrian government.
The blast injured 120 people, including children.
Egypt has unexpectedly declared a new conflict. The Islamist-
Parliament, which has a new constitution, says it may vote on it tomorrow.
This is much earlier than expected.
Many liberal and Christian politicians are boycotting rallies.
Today, the Palestinians are fighting for more support.
As we all know, the status of member observers in the United Nations.
Spain, Norway and Switzerland now say they will support the move.
However, Britain said it would abstain unless certain conditions were met by the Palestinians.
For now, BP is temporarily banned from bidding for any new US government contract.
After the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the US government said the oil giant \"lacked business integrity \".
\"The move came after BP decided this month to acknowledge criminal charges related to the disaster.
Well, the impact of the 2010 Gulf oil spill on BP continues.
Jim Bolton is in the studio with me now.
Jim, what exactly did the US government say today?
Jim Bolton, cnn international correspondent: Well, the EPA says that due to these criminal acts recognized by BP in court, you shouldn\'t do business with companies that are known to have criminal acts.
So when BP negotiated with EPA on this matter, they said we would suspend BP\'s ability to temporarily sign any new contracts with the government, which includes oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Alaska, it also includes any business with government departments.
Anderson: OK, this is the headline.
First of all, I would like to talk to you about how it affects the stock price and what impact this will have on the future business.
But let me remind our audience that this is the biggest oil spill in the world.
You will remember that, wall. to-
Pictures of the walls of the rig on fire and oil rushing to the Gulf of Mexico.
So, remind me of what happened two years ago. (Start Video)
Samantha hayes, CNN National Correspondent (voice-over)
: On April 20, the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which was anchored 42 miles southeast of the Gulf of Mexico, caught fire.
The explosion killed 11 workers and sank the rig leased by BP.
The Coast Guard initially estimated that 1,000 barrels of oil poured into the Gulf of Mexico every day.
Mary Landry of the US Coast Guard: if we don\'t protect the well, yes, this is probably one of the worst oil spills in American history.
Hayes: an estimated 60,000 barrels a day.
President Obama helped BP and took financial responsibility.
US President barack obama: My administration will continue to use every resource available at our disposal, including the potential defense department, to deal with the incident.
Hayes: BP is committed to paying for the clean-up and all legal claims made by the affected.
But after the oil giant spent millions of dollars on an ad about the oil spill, and CEO Tony Hayward did a good job, the American view of it became bad --
Public disfigurement
Bp ceo Tony Hayward: We are sorry for the huge damage it has done to their lives. We\'re --
No one wants this thing more than I do.
I want my life back.
Hayes: BP has failed several times to control the oil spill.
The company has also set up boom to control burning, spraying chemicals and laying for miles to control crude oil.
Still, oil reached the coast of the state of Luis Anna in May, followed by the strip of Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.
It threatens the livelihoods of wildlife and people engaged in industries such as tourism and fisheries.
On July 15, a safety helmet stopped oil flow for the first time in 85 days.
The well was filled and officially declared dead on September. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Anderson: Samantha Hayes reported the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
I know we got word from BP today.
Of course, this is a temporary ban after they decided to plead guilty.
Let us know what BP said if you wish and remind us of these details. BOULDEN: Yes.
Well, it took a few hours for BP to make a statement, but eventually they made it later this afternoon.
BP is reminding people that this is a temporary suspension, only related to future potential contracts.
They would also like to indicate that the EPA has notified BP that it is preparing a proposed administrative agreement that, if agreed, will effectively resolve and cancel this temporary suspension.
This temporary suspension has much to do with BP\'s agreement to pay $4 in November 15.
5 billion fines for crimes involving the death of 11 oil workers and pollution in the Gulf of Mexico.
Also, because they admit to being criminally charged, they are stuck in these contracts.
Anderson: So how do you think this will affect business?
Well, it\'s interesting.
If you look at the stock price today.
When the news first came out, the London stock market fell more than 4%, but it closed down less than half of 1%.
For example, I think when people realize that it\'s not going to take away a huge MoD contract that BP signed with jet fuel ---
They are an important participant in the United States, thousands of employees, they own Arco, Amoco, all of this.
I would like to say that they are all American oil companies like British companies.
Therefore, any potential future is possible and possible.
How long can this last?
Maybe 6 months, 18 months?
How many weeks may it take? That\'s --
This is where it will be.
How much impact it will have on the future.
Anderson: How long are these days temporary?
We don\'t know.
Bolton: well-yes.
The EPA says these temporary bans sometimes take 18 months, so--
Thank you, sir.
Jim Bolton is covering the story for you tonight. The short-
Then, the long-term impact on business is one thing.
Of course, the damage to reputation is another matter.
I want to bring in Bob Cavnar, a senior executive in the oil industry for more than 30 years and author of disaster on the horizon.
\"He\'s an expert on the 2010 oil spill and now he\'s with me from Denver, Colorado.
Bob, are you surprised by this ruling?
Bob Cavill, author of disaster on the horizon: noNot at all.
It is not uncommon for a company to have a conflict with the US government and have the ability to sign contracts with the government.
So, it\'s not surprising that I think BP is actually looking forward to it.
Anderson: Yes, Jim pointed out that BP is now an American company like a British company and employs a lot of employees in the United States.
The US government should be a little more careful when dealing with this matter.
However, what is the damage to the reputation of this oil behemoth here?
CAVNAR: I don\'t think BP will do much damage to its reputation in the US at this point.
A few years ago, with the explosion of the refinery,-
As you said, a very large leak is the biggest in American history.
It really did damage here.
I think this is just another step for BP to return to a state where they are somewhat respected in the US.
Anderson: Yes, selling the room, the fact certainly seems to be what the market did at the morning meeting.
As Jim said, it closed earlier today.
However, are you surprised that BP has been rap and others have not been infected here?
I\'m talking about Burton and the other contractors.
CAVNAR: In any case, in the US, the record operator BP is the ultimate responsible party here.
Harry Burton and Transocean Airlines-
Schlenberg and other companies working for BP are under the supervision of BP, so BP is the ultimate responsible party.
Despite what may have been done wrong by Harry Burton, BP is still responsible and still makes the decision to move forward, so they are the ultimate responsible party here.
Anderson: We\'re wall-to-
Like other broadcasters, this story is reported on CNN. It was a --
This is a very tragic story and a very compelling one.
At that time, Bob, we were promised to change the culture of the industry.
On my show, of course I talked to the guests for a long time.
Do we know?
Are we confident that this will not happen again?
I must tell you that I am the opposite.
I am very, very concerned here.
Frankly, the way we drill deep water in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world doesn\'t change anything because it\'s all the same technology.
There was a time when the well was shown on TV and everyone could see it flowing into the Gulf of Mexico and let our political leaders take steps, really change the way we perform our tasks to conduct strategies and drills in this environment.
But politically, our leaders have lost their will to do so, and they have really not changed anything.
And some others. -
There are some new certifications and there is containment equipment on site which is good.
But we need to understand. -
Drilling is still carried out using the same blowout preventer, the same safety system and control system, and the same rig.
In practice, the failure rate of these blowout preventers is about 40%, which is the biggest problem here.
Anderson: Great.
Bob Cavill is on the show for you and seems to be your expert on this issue.
Thank you, Bob.
Connect the World on CNN\'s 30-minute show-
39 minutes from London at 9: 00.
As global demand for Turkey\'s exports grows, can the country\'s already busy portals meet demand?
After a short break, this was released in our latest Gateway series. Stay with us. (
Business break)
Anderson: I\'m Becky Anderson of yours.
The textile industry in Turkey dates back to the 16 th century and has only developed over the years.
With more than 40,000 textile factories, it is currently the sixth largest supplier in the world.
In this week\'s Gateway series, I went to see if Turkey\'s busy ports can keep up with the growth of global demand. (Start Video)ANDERSON (voice-over)
: 8,000-
Turkey, with its long coastline and numerous ports, is a strategic gateway from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea. ANDERSON (on camera)
In 2011, 85% of Turkey\'s foreign trade was by sea.
Ambarli port is the largest port in Turkey, where container traffic exceeds 40% per year.
Turkish Transport Minister binali yildirim: Turkey has been a bridge between East and West for centuries.
40% of GDP per year is generated by the city. ANDERSON (voice-over)
In the commercial history of Turkey, this is a role played by Turkey.
The city was once a major port on the ancient Silk Road. ANDERSON (on camera)
This is the famous Grand Bazaar, which was the textile trade center during the Ottoman period.
Textiles still make up a large part of Turkey\'s economic structure.
About 10% of GDP.
Are these from Turkey?
Man: Yes.
From Turkey.
Anderson: 100%
It\'s so beautiful. ANDERSON (voice-over)
Modern technology has played a huge role in this area.
Zulu textile is one of the largest factories in the region.
Textile, weaving and printing machines produce about 400,000 m of fabric per day.
This is the modern face of an era. old industry. ANDERSON (on camera)
How important is Port to your industry?
I was just thinking. -
For example, how much do you ship from the port? Export?
ZORLU textiles, chief executive officer, Edon VEDAT: We ship about 66.
5% from Port
The port is efficient, and of course the cost is high.
This is an advantage compared to trucks and goods.
In 2023, we will increase our exports by three to four times.
This is a good prediction, but to do this we need ten times more ports than we do now. ANDERSON: Wow. ANDERSON (voice-over)
The government has expressed its willingness to accept the challenge.
YILDIRIM: We have over 170 small and medium portssized ports.
So, we\'re going to increase capacity and remove the port located in Istanbul, which will be replaced by additional capacity from the coast from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.
The whole country will become a logistics center.
Anderson: While there is no doubt that Turkey\'s competitive advantage as a hub, developing new port infrastructure across the country is crucial to ensuring Turkey\'s role as a global gateway. (END VIDEOTAPE)(
Business break)
Anderson: Okay.
Many people who buy coffee from Starbucks will be familiar with the country. -
National, chain--
Brand fair trade.
The company says it is committed to race-
Buy coffee morally and invest in local environmental projects.
We have been told that Starbucks is now making further commitments to sustainable development.
CNN reporter Michael Holmes is investigating(Start Video)
Michael Holmes, CNN international correspondentvoice-over)
: It\'s a rainy morning in Seattle. on this busy road, a familiar sign attracts sleepy drivers.
Woman: Hi, welcome to Starbucks.
But this Starbucks is different.
There is no luxurious sofa and cafe atmosphere, but there is industrial material on both sides of the driveway --
Through and on foot-up windows.
It was an idea that started with architect Anthony Perez, who just looked out of the window.
Anthony Perez, senior concept design manager at Starbucks: We are honored to be in Seattle, one of the busiest ports on the west coast.
Holmes: waiting to find the ocean of containers leading to the scrap station is the inspiration for Perez.
Perez: this is a great opportunity to try out new uses, a new material that will provide the cornerstone of our inspired design.
Holmes: Peres says sustainability is nothing new for Starbucks, but the recycling store is only 137, a way for them to grow further.
Perez: We are very, very committed to environmental protection and make sure that everything we do is LEED-certifiable.
We are now starting to apply this idea to the outside for the first time.
How do we bring this life to our customers in the way they are involved, in a way that is part of their experience?
Holmes: become LEED-
The certification guarantees that the building meets certain sustainability standards, and Perez ensures that this is integrated throughout the entire experience of the store.
We have a 40-
There are two at the bottom-
There\'s a 16 at the top-
A powered hammer-
Through and on foot-
Windows on both sides.
The rest of what we use to do other things.
These are opened at both ends, allowing the air to flow easily through the HVAC and creating shadows inside the device.
All the grass is native grass from this area.
This is what we call the world.
This is about re-investigating ideas and words related to \"re\": update, revive, re-motivate, re-create, achieve.
The idea, which is derived from a cycle, is what the store really means.
Holmes: Perez, with a modular design, was able to replicate the idea in Denver, Colorado.
This is the basic box.
Looking ahead, we are thinking about making sure there are other ways to express this idea, but making it feel more local.
Holmes: Perez uses local materials to soften the industrial look so that the store can match the surroundings.
Peretz: Denver\'s location is surrounded by snow fences in Wyoming outside.
It\'s still a container, but it\'s recycled, recycled material.
So we have a recycled box and then recycle the external material that the customer likes, which is really appealing.
Woman: have a good time. Thanks.
Holmes: according to the government, it\'s good for both customers and the environment.
Sponsors for sustainable development.
Emily Kirk Wilson of the Green Building Council of the United States: our buildings account for 40% of our carbon emissions and 70% of our electricity consumption.
So the green building is crucial, and with the green building we can cut it in half.
Holmes: A company with a Starbucks image will have a big impact, she said.
Wilson: They did a great job of spreading the environmental, social and commercial values of green buildings to the world.
Perez: We were a little shocked to see how the store reacted.
There is a lot of curiosity about this.
The business has been fairly robust.
I think it also reflects the fact that we want to be as innovative as possible in what we do and how we can bring Starbucks to market.
Woman: Thank you. have a good time.
Woman: Thank you.
Holmes: It\'s just a pilot project at the moment. two stores have been built, but Starbucks says there will be more.
Perez: my point of view as a designer is that people will have feelings for their store, they will go in and they will feel connected to their store.
If someone\'s driving here
They said, \"This is my Starbucks\" and they loved it and we have done our job.
We feel successful.
CNN reporter Michael Holmes reports from Atlanta. (END VIDEOTAPE)
Anderson: Yes, that\'s the time.
European football authorities are considering a massive overhaul of their Champions League.
Don Riddle is here now to understand all this.
What\'s the story here?
CNN Sports reporter Don Riddle: Well, we\'re talking about the Europa League, and Becky may not be playing again in just three years.
You will know that the Champions League is really a big game and it\'s a game that everyone is excited about, this is a club that makes all the money for the European governing body UEFA and for the UEFA Team.
The Europa League is considered its ugly sister.
No one really wants to join the Europa League.
What they are saying is that in three years they may get rid of it.
UEFA president Michel Platini says they are considering canceling the Europa League.
He said they would make a decision in two years.
All of this could happen in time for the season starting in 2015.
If this does happen, it means the Champions League will expand.
It can grow from 32 teams to 64 teams.
Some people say it\'s a bit ridiculous, how can you call it the Champions League when you have a team that can get sixth or even seventh in the domestic league?
Critics of this will also argue that there are already some games in the Champions League that are not really important in the group stage and that you will continue to make it in the weaker teams
Anderson: of course.
Riddle: But I think the teams that play in the Europa League will definitely take part because for now, they say it\'s a very long season.
They have to play on Thursday, which they really don\'t like, and obviously they would rather play in the Champions League themselves.
Anderson: I know, but they have to be good enough, don\'t they?
I think it\'s a very rubbish idea.
Go ahead anyway.
Golf\'s governing body has also been adjusting the rules for what they call a \"belly putter.
\"Continue to explain.
You and I have done \"live golf\" and we are the hosts of the show and we should know what we are talking about here.
Riddle: of course.
Well, you see, they haven\'t adjusted them yet, but they might, I think they will, and I think they will, for sure.
We saw the introduction of this long putter a few years ago.
They are called \"belly putters\", but you can also have them lean against your chest and even your chin.
Our idea is that if you are a nervous player, your hands are shaking and the stability of putting the club in your stomach or any other part of your body means that you are able to control the stroke better.
It wasn\'t a big deal a few years ago because those putters didn\'t win anything.
But three of the last five major male champions have won the game with this putter.
Anderson: Okay.
So, the people who make the rules, Royal and Ancient and USGA now say that what they want to get rid of is not the club itself, but the practical actions that anchor it on your body, of course, it means that these clubs will become useless.
Anderson: That\'s right.
Let\'s remember that 90% of the golf game is spiritual.
One of my great Partners, JP, told me that the other 10% was also spiritual.
If you haven\'t got anything on the course yet, it\'s a normal golf club, right?
So, I\'ll get yips here, or maybe I won\'t. Yow!
Didn\'t make it. The idea is --(CROSSTALK)
RIDDELL: Oh, well, it\'s really hard for a live audience. ANDERSON: --
This is not good. No good.
Pass it back, pass it back, and pass it back. Here we go.
Oh, in a pair of high heels. Here we go.
Put this back.
This is not the kind of long belly putter Tang said.
As you said, some of them can go directly here.
But this won\'t hit my chest at least.
Even though I was myself, I had to give in to it.
I just press--
Lean it on here.
As Don said, this does give you a chance to make your shots easier. Hello, Don.
RIDDELL: Good, Becky. it works for you. (LAUGHTER)
Anderson: not bad. (LAUGHTER)
Well, you \'d better make the most of it, because three years later--
Anderson: how much--fantastic. RIDDELL: --
You may not be able to use them.
Anderson: I know.
But JP pointed out to me that my partner is also 2016.
It\'s 12 majors from now on.
It\'s ridiculous.
If you don\'t think they\'re good for golf, ban them now.
What do you think?
RIDDELL: Well, I think there will be a lot of resistance, and one of the problems is that some of the players who are using these clubs now are not once great players and can\'t push now, they were turned to because they couldn\'t think of anything else.
The people who use these clubs are the ones who have only used them, such as Carl Paterson, Keegan Bradley or Weber Simpson.
The latter two won the championship in these clubs.
They never used anything else.
So I think it will be very difficult for them and you may find that there are some legal challenges because you may be disrupting the livelihood of the people here.
I think some people will say, look.
Let amateurs continue to use these clubs.
This game is hard enough not to make it harder for amateurs.
But most likely they just banned them for everyone.
Yes, okay. Good stuff.
Thank you, man.
Don Riddle is waiting for you at home tonight.
In about half an hour, \"World Sports\" as always.
I\'m Becky Anderson.
Thank you for watching.
That Is Connecting the world.
See you tomorrow.
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