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long-lasting lipsticks work 9 to 5 and beyond

by:Meixin     2020-05-01
Put those tubes with pure gloss and glitter on one side.
In the fall, stylish lips will wear liquid lipsticks, a new generation of lip cosmetics that will continue to be used almost as much as paint, produce a dyeing or painting effect and last the whole day --
And, in some cases, until late at night.
International brands such as Guerlain and Revlon, as well as smaller labels with fanatic followers like hourglass and lush, are rolling out versions of liquid lipsticks, offering bold and dramatic contrasts for summer lighters.
At Sunday\'s Emmy Awards, Kristina Hendricks, Kate danins, and zui desnell were all wearing an hourglass-shaped liquid lipstick.
\"This consistency and finish is perfect for lush lip stories this fall,\" makeup artist Pati Dubroff said . \" He has worked with Kirsten Dunst and Charlize Theron as one of the \"curators\" in the OpenSky beauty category. com.
Dubroff says she is attracted by the \"richness and vitality\" of liquid lipstick.
They are usually applied with a small brush or sponge
Inclined applicator, some with a clear gloss, can be sealed with color.
\"This lipstick gives a rich velvet --
\"It works so well like a more textured dress in autumn,\" says Dubroff . \".
\"In addition, the vibrant\" whole body \"lips are an important trend.
Because the color is so noticeable.
Dubroff recommends applying liquid lipsticks with soft, low-key eyes to \"make the lips sound complete \".
\"She suggested
Clear eyebrows and coordinated blushes, preferably cream, perhaps something from Kevin Oko.
This approach, she says, will help \"keep the face sweet and healthy and avoid the face disappearing if the lips are very strong.
\"In the new product: Opaque Rouge liquid lipstick from Hourglass Cosmetics comes in a compact spherical shell for $28, but don\'t let the size of the container fool you: the product continues to be strong, it will take about a minute to \"set\" to the matte surface and then continue to stay from morning to bedtime, despite eating and drinking.
The nine colors include bright oranges, eggplant and cherry red.
Medlar extract maintains lip nutrition.
Glowing liquid lips from lush emotions mark the skin
Care brand into the makeup market.
These 13 colors are packed in small containers and can be used to hold nail polish or small dropper bottles for $22. 95.
The line is based on the idea that the color should be chosen according to the mood of the wearer at the time, so the name includes words such as \"confidence\" and \"decisive.
\"They have a very strong hue, so applying gloss or lip balm helps soften the look.
Stila stayed here all day, the $22 liquid lipstick slipped and it was so good to stick to the lips that it could be removed with a towel wash and wipe.
Vitamin E and avocado oil protect against seasonal dryness.
10 shades including matte and shimmer-
Even without the use of the mirror, it continues perfectly.
The people behind the makeup apparently took the name very seriously: the company\'s new $24 Aqua Rouge liquid lipstick almost reached the height of the lips. It is a two-
Head products: high
One end is the power color, the other end is the gloss, paint the lips and seal the color, which means that the coffee cup, the wine glass and the pillowcase are almost non-permeable to it.
At the top of the market is Guerlain\'s Rouge G L\'Extrait, which costs $48.
The liquid is a bit like a gloss, but then dry to a strong matte surface.
Exotic ingredients such as Guggul resin-
For Ayurvedic medicine
When the color works, Tiger grass is soothing, smooth and stimulating.
The tone is named after seven basic sins.
Lulu Colorstay Ultimate liquid lipstick, recorded-
Circuit breaker for keeping power
It may still be on the lips 24 hours after applying.
It does not need to touch
Even after lunch (and dinner)
It may need to be removed with detergent. And at $10.
99, maybe the best value of all. image@latimes.
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