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Mexican Client Ordered a Toilet Brush Machine from MEIXIN


Recently, a Mexican customer came to MEIXIN for a toilet brush machine. He told our sales professional that he wanted a machine that is of superior quality and high performance. To suit his specific requirement, our team member recommended him the MX192 5 Axis 3 Heads 2 Drilling and 1 Tufting Toilet Brush Machine. Below listed some advantages of this amazing product. 

Meixin-Mexican Client Ordered a Toilet Brush Machine from MEIXIN

It is undoubtedly the best toilet brush machine because its key parts are all from world-renown brands: Delta inverter, Panasonic servo motor, Schneider low voltage electrical appliances, Germany SENLIMA brake motor, Shenzhen ATECH controller, and Taiwan TBI ball screw guide way. In addition, this machine owns great flexibility. The manufacturing speed is adjustable; the independent 5aix motion suits any wooden or plastic brush handles tufting; and you can input the data manually or use the intelligent data setting. Furthermore, its special FMX fixture allows fast changeover for a new brush tufting production thus maximizing the productivity. 

Better knowing this machine, our Mexico client made a order without hesitate. He was quite satisfied with this machine and showed his willingness to build a long-term relationship with us. We felt honored and told him we will impress him one more time by our rigorous quality control procedures before shipment and on-time delivery.  Established in 2003, MEIXIN has about 15-year experience in manufacturing the 2-5axis household and industrial brush and broom machines, trimming and flagging machines, and pneumatic cutting machine, which are sold worldwide. Over years, our experts have been dedicated to researching new technology and developing new products to meet the changing needs of the global market. And this help MEIXIN grow in the fierce competition. At MEIXIN, customer is our top priority. Rich experience, technical excellence, and a drive to provide the very best service has won us the trust of a wide range of customers. In the coming years, we will stick to our mission, that is, manufacturing quality products and helping our customers grow. It is our sincere hope that we can build solid relationships with more and more prestigious clients.

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