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no bidders for installing bottle crushing machines in stations

by:Meixin     2020-04-26
West Rail\'s proposal to install 25 plastic bottle pulverizers at 18 stations between Churchgate and Virar has not received any bids since the tender was made in April.
No bids had been received as of May 14.
WR officials say potential bidders are not enthusiastic because the contract period is only one year.
These machines are being installed as part of WR\'s implementation of national measures
The wide plastic ban, which will take effect from June.
A senior railway official said that in order to make the contract more attractive, the Railway Commission was asked to increase the duration of the contract.
The official said, \"many potential bidders have raised this issue and we have asked the railway commission to issue a directive on this.
\"The Central Railway also plans to install the machines through tender, but officials say they are also waiting for instructions from the Railway Commission.
\"Impossible,\" deputy Sarah tantorre.
A potential bidder, said president of Wild West innovation.
The annual contract is not feasible for the reserve price of rw29 lakh.
The company operates bottle crushing machines at 10 subway stations in the city and has recycled a lakh bottle since July 2017.
\"The railway should treat this as an environmental project, not for profit,\" she said.
This reserve price is very high for utilities. ” Ms.
In addition to the reserve price, Tantray said, the company that contracted the package must also pay the electricity bill and the cost of the employee operating these machines.
She said, \"with the reduction of the reserve price, the bid should last for at least five years.
These projects require both time and scale.
We really want to work with railways and we want them to issue favorable instructions on time periods and reserve prices.
\"On 2016, the plastic bottle Pulverizer was tried at WR station.
According to the innovative concept policy, the contract was awarded to the Wockhardt Foundation, which installed 16 machines a year.
The machines are installed at 10 stations, including Churchgate, Santacruz, Goregaon and Borivali at a cost of 7 euros per station.
The discount on the BottlesThe machine is a simple concept: for each bottle that enters the machine, one gets a discount coupon.
In return for the bottle, commuters can choose discount coupons from 5% to 10% at Sahakari Bhandar and Reliance Fresh stores, Paytm credit points, or donate to the Wockhardt Foundation
Most users choose coupons.
Machines installed in Churchgate station crush 2,000 to 2,500 plastic bottles per day and recycled materials are used to make T-
Shirts, bags, towels.
However, two machines were damaged less than a month after installation.
WR officials say the machines were tampered with when gangsters tried to steal cameras and speakers installed on Bandra and Andheri stations.
On March 26, Jayesh Pandey, 23, was arrested for failing to issue coupons to destroy the machine.
The company had to spend nearly £ 30 000 to repair the damaged machine.
Short-lived initiative officials said the Bottle Crusher was popular but had to be canceled after the contract period expired.
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