obamas paint (someone else\'s) living room

by:Meixin     2020-04-24
In a few months, some families will be able to boast that the living room of the house they renovated was painted by the president and his wife. Obama.
The Obama couple waved paint rollers and brushes and even painted a \"cool platinum\" wall paint.
\"You know, I don\'t think anyone will
\"I hope to do so . \"
When Obama finished part of the back wall and stepped back to assess his work.
The first couple was designated as National Service and anniversary this year to mark the 8 th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
According to a CBS News poll, the controversial police video showed that Hong Kong protesters \"I call on all Americans to join in and pay tribute to our lost lives \".
Obama said in a presidential announcement.
The Obamas began their day in silence at the White House for the victims of the 9/11 attack.
Then, despite the downpour, they paid tribute to the Pentagon\'s 9/11 Memorial, where the hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 was deliberately flown into the Pentagon, killing 184 people. (
CBS/Mark roller)
\"Let\'s reiterate our determination to oppose those who have committed this barbaric act, who are still conspiring against us,\" the president said in the pouring rain, which soaked him wet.
He put a wreath on the zero age line in the Memorial Square, marking the date and time of the Pentagon attack.
The Obamas completed the memorial part of the announcement, returned to the White House, put on some dry clothes, and then went to a human residency project in Northeast Washington. C.
They circled two times. by-
Side row the house, then roll up the sleeves and start painting the interior. Mr.
When the first lady used a brush to do more delicate work in the corner of the room, Obama used a roller.
It took them about half an hour.
This effort is symbolic, not effective.
The president\'s visit to such a construction site will always slow things down.
But think of the owners of the new House who will be proud of the paint work in their living room.
If someone tells them who did it(CBS)
Mark Knoll is a White House correspondent for CBS News.
You can read more of his posts here.
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