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pipe beveling machines - what types and methods exist

by:Meixin     2020-05-16
The pipe slope machine is exactly what it says.
It is a machine that cuts the inclined edge on a pipe or tube and is usually used to prepare welding.
In large engineering workshops, they have fixed machines that feed pipes into cutting tools.
Tools or pipes can be rotated.
For example, in the field of laying oil pipelines, we are more likely to encounter portable pipe slope machines.
In this case, the pipe beveler is temporarily attached to the pipe and rotated for cutting.
The important reason for the pipe Chamfer is the welding preparation.
Tilt the edge of the pipe to a specific angle (37. 5 degrees)
This is the standard.
Pipe slopes are also used for optical reasons.
Why do you need a slope machine. The main reason for using the pipe slope machine is to ensure that you reach the desired angle in a fast and accurate way.
For combined pipes through welding, it is important that their edges have certain tolerances on the driven welding legs.
The cutting method we are concerned about here is the molding of metal pipes and tubes, so all methods of cutting metal may be effective.
What is most likely to be discovered in reality is a gas or plasma cutter and a large planing cutter head.
The plasma cutting machine usually combines the cutting length with the operation of shaping the desired angle.
The milling head requires that the pipe already has the correct size.
We can further distinguish between the two methods because the plasma cutting is hot and the milling is cold.
The dimensions of each of the above machines are important to find a machine suitable for pipes of any size.
There are small handheld devices, portable devices and large fixed bed machines, but the business end, cutting head, only need to change the size according to the thickness of the pipe wall.
In this regard, the plasma cutting machine is more limited than the milling machine, because the milling machine can be set to simply do more processing, more circuit of the pipe, the plasma cutting machine loses its accuracy with the increase of cutting depth.
The only thing to consider is the degree of automation of the process, the operator has to attend frequently and actually operate, guide the cutting procedure, but there are some machines that can be programmed, the pipes are set in place, and then leave the work (
Usually there is a minder in his hand).
So, manual or automatic, hot process or cold, fixed or.
All combinations exist.
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