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reverse vending machines could be installed to take back bottles and cans to end the plastic bottles menace

by:Meixin     2020-05-10
According to the plan that ministers are considering, reverse vending machines can be installed in the store to recover plastic bottles and cans.
These machines will be part of the deposit return plan (DRS)
Inspired by Norway\'s programme to promote recycling and waste reduction.
When buying a drink, customers who pay a deposit on bottles and cans can Mail empty bottles to the reverse vending machine.
It recognizes the barcode and pays a coupon that can be redeemed at the checkout counter.
The device is at the heart of successful initiatives to conduct business in Scandinavia, Germany and the United States.
The Daily Mail, which is promoting \"changing the tide of plastics,\" learned that Environment Minister Therese Coffey visited Norway, Sweden and Denmark in December to see how their plans worked
In the UK, an estimated 35 million plastic bottles and 20 million aluminum cans are sold every day.
Currently, less than 60 bottles are recycled for recycling.
The rest enters the landfill, is burned or eventually becomes garbage.
In contrast, Norway claims a recovery rate of 97.
With the addition of coca, support for uk drs is growingCoke that supports it.
Tesco, Iceland and United
Op also came out to support.
They may install reverse vending machines in the store.
The National Federation of Retail News agents representing 15,000 corner stores also expressed support.
Kjell Olav maldeum of Infinitum, which runs the Norwegian bottle program, told the BBC: \"There are other recycling plans, but we think we are the most costly --efficient.
We think it can be copied in the UK or anywhere.
Environment Minister Michael Gove has set up a working group to investigate how to reduce single
The use of plastic, including the introduction of DRS.
A spokesman for his department said the organization would report to ministers soon.
More businesses ban singles. use straws.
Marriott International, London City airport and Eurostar have joined chain stores including JD Wetherspoon, Costa and Pizza Express to remove plastic straws that may harm marine life.
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