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robots aid surgeries

by:Meixin     2020-05-08
A study trial in Launceston will evaluate how robots can facilitate screw insertion during spinal surgery.
Orthopedic spine surgeon David Edis recently secured a $9600 Clifford Craig Medical Research Trust to help with this innovative trial.
Although it takes time and fine precision to insert screws in spinal surgery, this process becomes easier with technology.
Dr Edis explained that the technology is \"actually a boot system \".
\"Our current problem is that in x-
When we use x-rays
The Ray guiding the placement of the Screw, \"said Dr. Edis.
The innovative system loads the CT scan into the computer and the corresponding robot is placed on the frame of the patient\'s back.
\"That robot will twists and turns until it becomes in the right position, telling you which bit to connect to, and then it will give you a drill track,\" he said . \".
Robots and their trajectories lead to more invasive surgery than visual cues-based surgery. “We instruct [the robot]
. . . . . . It puts the device where we want it, and then we run along the tube, \"said Dr. Edis.
This randomized trial will be conducted for patients who need surgery to treat lumbar diseases, which often have back and leg pain due to nerve compression.
\"This study was actually done around a particular screw trajectory, which is a minimally invasive screw type and I have been doing it for about three years,\" Dr. Edis said . \".
\"The surgeon still controls it and still needs to know how to do it. . .
Surgeons are still the ones who operate the tools, but they are not x-
The ray machine in the picture.
\"Robots actually guide our pre-plan.
Dr. Edis said that the technique can reduce \"stress and stress\" for surgeons \". \"Multi-
The operation was hard-
\"Working, mentally consumed, staying in the game for up to four, sometimes six hours requires a lot of mental energy,\" Dr. Edis said . \".
Dr Edis said the robots have been in Australia for about two years.
About 12 months ago, he was involved in two major cases involving the technology in Melbourne.
Dr Edis said the study should be conducted in 2017.
\"Our idea is to prove that robots are at least as good as we usually do,\" Dr. Edis said . \".
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