sewing class: important step in learning to sew

by:Meixin     2020-04-19
If your sewing machine is not well maintained, your frustration will lead to your resignation.
There\'s nothing worse than sitting down and sewing clothes and your machine can\'t work properly!
In order to keep the shape and preparation of the machine, you need to do two things. 1.
All thread heads produce lint.
Thankfully, this product we are all going to use now is not much cheaper!
However, you still have to clean up the lint on the machine.
Lint accumulates in tension mechanism and wire shaft box.
Always use the lint brush that comes with the machine when cleaning.
Use a small brush if you don\'t.
You will read, or be told, that you can clean the lint with canned air.
You will be tempted to blow some lint off with your mouth.
However, the person I trust to serve my machine says this could cause more damage by pushing the lint into the hard-to-clean machine area.
It makes a lot of sense to me.
So I just brushed the lint off. 2.
Make sure your machine refuel regularly.
If your machine does not have specialized oil, buy it from a fabric shop or sewing machine dealer.
It\'s important to cheer.
The purpose is to lubricate the moving parts to reduce wear and tear.
Your manual should specify the parts to be refueled.
* One exception: no refueling for computer sewing machines, no need (
Thanks for the warning, Caroline).
After refueling, sew a few needles with a small piece of fabric to let the excess oil flow out.
Develop the habit of doing these two things after each two projects.
It\'s a good habit to instill in your child that not only can they do it at any age, but it seems to be enjoyable!
Make sure your young child only puts a drop of oil instead of taking a shower with oil!
If your machine is not cleaned and greased yet, you \'d better be ready for our next project! !
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