sky ocean rescue: why plastic bottle return scheme is a big deal

by:Meixin     2020-05-11
Anyone of a particular age will remember to collect empty glass bottles and bring them back to the store for cash.
This is a great way to top up pocket money-
It helps to keep the streets clean.
But when the manufacturer puts carbonated drinks into plastic, the recyclable deposit disappears.
Look at verges on the side of the road now.
Zero Waste Scotland (ZWS)
It is calculated that 60,000 plastic bottles are scattered on the ground every day north of the border.
Inevitably, some of them are blown by the wind or washed into the river by rain.
Next stop, open ocean.
Plastic beverage bottles make up the third place in marine plastic pollution.
For decades, they have broken down into small pieces and eventually entered the food chain.
That\'s why-
And why the Sky Ocean Rescue organization is working for it.
Deposits give waste a value.
ZWS estimates that the return of empty bottles of cash will reduce the number of bottles scattered every day by 50,000.
This is not necessarily a huge economic incentive to work.
In Norway, the deposit for a standard 500 ml beverage bottle is 1 crowns (about 10p)
, A bigger 2. 5 Kroner (25p).
About 96% of the bottles were returned.
Many supermarkets even have \"reverse vending machines\" that provide cash
Or charitable donations.
In exchange for a qualified bottle.
The collection system ensures that the plastic is pure.
The bottle is made of PET, a material that can melt into a new bottle.
But in a batch of 10,000, there is only one stray PVC bottle, which is destroyed by melting.
Pollution is a big problem for roadside recycling.
But in Norway, the value of pure plastic is higher.
And 4% of unclaimed deposits.
Help fund the plan.
Earlier this year, partly in response to the movement of the sky, Coca
The world\'s largest soft drink cola
Beverage manufacturers have abandoned their opposition to the Scottish deposit return plan.
This is an unprecedented move.
The company has been opposed to plans in other parts of the world before launching these plans.
It removed a major obstacle to the return of deposits in Scotland.
The Scottish government is now stepping up its efforts.
The British government needs to do the same.
Despite a potential public backlash, it has the courage to charge 5 p for plastic bags, reducing the number of shoppers distributed to shoppers by 6 billion in just one year.
It needs to use the same principle to reduce the garbage from plastic bottles.
Financial incentives.
Get the bottle deposit back.
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