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by:Meixin     2020-04-22
As early as issue 63, we released our first \"StaffPicks\" compilation, followed up on issues 65 and 67, and added some contributors, they are a bit slow in getting a list of the first part.
A year later, in Issue 69, we collected a more complete and updated list of reviewer suggestions and decided to update this list every year;
A year ago, we released the latest version on issue88.
Our hope of posting these suggestions is that readers will not only have some valuable insights into the device, but also have some valuable insights into the preferences and biases of our contributors, these insights can be very helpful when reading the components of our contributors and recording comments.
So, in alphabetical order, here\'s a selection of our contributors who submitted their 2002 update staff: Steven G. Baird (SGB)
Just over four years ago, when I first learned that there was some movement that was replacing the traditional cdo with other new formats (DVD-Audio and SACD)
It is said that this is more accurate or musical than what people hear on the current CD.
It was found that in such a short period of time, whether in favor or against, there was a variety of reactions to the idea of changing formats in the market, but now it seems that the two DVD
A and SACD have established enough foothold with consumers and I can confidently say, like it or not, high
Resolution Digital Audio is a reality that will not disappear.
Those who have some lingering problems that don\'t touch whohaven are alert to \"high\"rez\" waters;
Many of them pay attention to the current format war between DVDsA and SACD.
However, some audio device manufacturers make this concern meaningless by offering so-called universal players.
This aplayer is compatible with almost any digital format--mp3,CD, DVD (
Pure Audio and seeds
Video format), DVD-Aand SACD.
In addition, these new components are linked to a series of non-
Standard disk type.
Not only will they play the commercial production media, most of them can read the CDR and CD-
The RW disk is made on a computer at home, so no matter which digital disk you insert into these components, it is possible to play.
At present, the general purpose players of pioneer, Panasonic, Yamaha, Denon, Marantz, OneNote and Philips will be sold in the US market.
There are more options for European and Far East countries, which may be available here in the near future.
Since Sony has developed a new SACD format, it is no surprise that their component series does not provide a universal player like this.
Also, there are many DVD/DVD-
Audio players that do not provide sacd, so it is important for potential buyers to identify those players that are really universal so that it can be compatible with all formats.
Of course, many people think that the main advantage of these two new formats is that they can play in multiple formats. channel music.
With the increasing popularity of multicultural
Home channel home theater system, which is the reason why the next logical development of music entertainment will benefit from the surround sound function of many consumers\' current systems.
The music industry is painfully aware that the market has moved away from music --
A variety of other games including video games and dvd movies.
Many people believe that if the music industry is to survive, it must adopt the surround sound and visual ability of the modern system.
For this, two DVDs
A and SACD make such A provision in their design architecture, although there is no video provision in which any SACD product can take advantage of this format.
Another advantage claimed by SACD and DVD --
A is high resolution playback available.
The digital sampling rate of both is significantly higher than the standard CD.
Although I don\'t want to delve into this matter, my own experience in redesigning titles in both formats shows that, the quality of the results is the same as the engineer\'s attention to detail when creating his redesign title, depending on the quality of the original simulation or the digital master
The latter is more concerned because of digital recordings made at a lower sampling rate (
And usually much lower)
Many years ago, if it was to be transferred directly, it would not be possible to provide any more realistic advantage than the standard Redbook recording.
In either format, the most obvious improvement will be the future recording of your own (
As a suggestion for reposting old issues)
Using hi-where to make music
Recording equipment.
Readers are advised to pay attention to SACD and DVD-
In order to use these new formats, players need compatible players, although most of the current versions can be used with existing devices.
For example, while the hybrid SACDs will be played in the standard CD player, this is only because there is a second layer on the disk that contains the standard CDsegment to guarantee its backward compatibility with the current player. Single-layer SACD-
Only disk does not work in this case. DVD-
The disks are not backwards compatible with the CD, although they are compatible with the early DVD players that were originally used for the movie.
Like a mixed DVD
Audio disks have clips that allow consumers to hear music versions on existing DVD players using the same audio features as movies;
Some even offer alternatives to dts and Dolby Surround.
In my opinion, an important drawback of the DVD is
Many disks require a video monitor to set up compared to SACD-up.
I have read that some audio manufacturing companies have identified this as a potential drawback and will introduce players who are able to select the desired playback type from the device\'s own display.
Another potential problem with Dvd
A is different from the SACD format, there is no guarantee that there will be A truestereo hybrid on the disk.
Because all
Channel SACDs also provides clips for stereo playback, with disks compatible with the earliest SACD stereoonly players. DVD-
Adisks may need the DSP in the device to \"fold\" more of them
In order to play back in both channels, the channel data.
So the sound you hear will depend on the quality of the DSP chip you are running on.
As for the generic player\'s specific device suggestions, I don\'t make any suggestions right now.
Although there are many reasonably priced components available today to play back SACD or DVD-
But not both, the price of real GM is much higher.
I believe that with the launch of the new model in 2003, the price of GM players will drop.
It is important that readers take this opportunity to hear these new forms and judgments in person. Kevin East (KE)Home Theater.
Another year of lean production.
There are not so many new things around me, and the things around me have hardly passed the recommendation.
That doesn\'t mean we haven\'t developed new equipment yet.
In the past year, we have purchased Sony STR-
DE685 A/V receiver and OneNote DV-S555 DVD player.
Both are very good components and I\'m sure they can be replaced by either of the many brands and models.
There is a story about reason and sensibility. -
In audio and video, we pay a lot of money to the trade press to pass on to you, our readers and other potential customers.
We chose Sony as it provides everything we need now in A/V receiver: 5.
All five channels have 1 speaker output, Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, multiple digital inputs, 100 wpc--
Beautiful package in all apretty, about $300.
Again, the OneNote DVD player can do anything but a DVD --
A and SACD, but our facilities are still in transition (
The study was too small for a good surroundings and the increased space was postponed until 2003)
Therefore, these abilities are wasted, except in the form of competition, and still too expensive.
OneNote also plays CDs, CDRs and mp3--
A player of $300 is not bad.
The problem is that we chose the temporary solution to the temporary problem: we need a good DVD player/a/V receiver combination to achieve sound and sound well without breaking the bank
After the addition is complete, Sony and OneNote will be commissioned to the new master bedroom suite and we will upgrade.
I think we can get a Yamaha/dunnon combo or Haman-
Kardon/TechCrunch or goneupscale with Rotel, NAD, Integra, etc, are more familiar to readers of these pages.
But after a while-
What we are often criticized-
Let the/V receiver come to an inevitable conclusion through its speed, \"Yes, it must be A receiver.
The same is true for CD and DVD players.
After spending a lot of time shopping and auditioning a lot of receivers and DVD players, we came to the conclusion that any number of receiver/DVD player combinations are satisfactory in terms of pictures and sound quality.
In the end, we decide the brand, the function and the price we trust. (
Yes, once we upgrade to hd TV, video variables like line-by-line scanning and component video input/output will become important. . .
But that\'s stomorrow. )
You should also feel that an affordable, sensible purchase is possible without sacrificing the sound (and picture)
As a true enthusiast, the quality and the certificate does not affect you.
Solid State and digital technologies are fairly standard in price, and it seems to me that additional cash can be invested higher
Brands and models priced should prefer features, quality and ease of use.
In fact, emerging crops with upgradeable receivers such as OneNote TX-DS989(No. 89; $3,199. 95)
A monster receiver with seven.
1 function, which should be worth considering, because its upgradability should make the algorithm itself obsolete: you don\'t need to worry about new software technologies because receivers can be upgraded to accommodate them through serial ports. Speakers.
Our A/V setup uses A pair of very old, very good shelf speakers.
Celestion 3 is a music and neutral little horn that can be customized for orders.
They stopped production long ago, but grab them if you can find a pair.
Not only did they do perfect justice to music, they were able to deal with the things ahead (stereo)
Easily perform Channel duties.
Speakers Image 2B speaker (No. 89; $399/pair)
Supplementary Haman-
Karton 60 in the family courtyard.
Image 2B is a feature-rich, simple speaker capable of being in the middle
Bass will avoid using subwoofer in small applications.
If you need a subwoofer, the PSB Alpha Subsonic 5 (No. 88; $449)is a winner.
If you dip your tootsies into a home theater for the first time, Atlantic Tech system 170 (No. 89; $1,496 in 5. 1 configuration; $1,825 in 7. 1 configuration)
It is an excellent and economical way to improve quickly.
If I don\'t mention everything about me, I will be remiss.
Dana Audio Model 1, favorite time (No. 49; $199/pair)
And my reference Heritage Classics (No. 64; $3,175/pair)
The two impeccably designed speakers are located at both ends of the costspectrum and are of great value.
The good news is that Legacy audio is expanding its local reseller base, so you can actually audition them instead of relying on people like me, TL, KWN and GK to compliment them on their merits.
The same news is that Jim Carroll of DanaAudio has always promised us that any one of us can try his upgraded Model 1, but we haven\'t seen them yet. Ephemera.
When I send audio from Van Alstine Omega iii ec preampback to AVA to install the tape buffer and to do a general upgrade, I need a phono preamp to handle the Adcom gt-
There is no 350 preamp/tuner for the phono circuit.
A brief survey of local hi-
Franciscan International famous stores, choose a product of about $1,500, lede RQ-970BX at $199. 99.
Guess which wise puppy I bought?
Rotel is a small peachy unit that is completely muted on its own and offers a mobile Magnet/mobile coil switch.
It also has functions such as Omega iii ec, RIAA circuits, etc. that I did not immediately notice a noticeable difference in sound quality.
Oh, yes, there are many other ways to improve the quality of vinyl products, but these methods have to wait until 2003.
New jobs and new offices mean music is needed for new jobs.
After the lovely Tivoli Audio golden years of the reader, Model One tableradio (No. 92)
I chose Tivoli\'s Model 2 stereo radio with a Model subwoofer ($239. 98 for both;
Before you hear these tiny component scans, you can\'t believe what they will achieve.
They are almost irresistible once you hear them. After our long-
The housekeepers often step on the Kimber 4VS speaker cables and they become amiable if they are forcibly separated from the Banana plug.
I have been trying a home.
The Brew braidov Radio Shack 18/20/22/24 ad hoc workgroup speaker line is used in this case.
But instead of just replacing the broken Kimber beer with a homemade beer, I completely removed Kimber and wired the traditional classic to the woven part in the current output of the Sunfire power amplifier to the range idrange/tweetters, and voltage output from Sunfire to Bass
Well, the \"real\" enthusiast, in addition to denying Kimber 4VS\'s choice in the first place, will laugh at the replacement of anything Universal, radio Shackbadge is roughly equivalent to the original sin which is an offence to true believers everywhere.
Well, guess, kids, the introduction of a new stylus for Shure m95 ed cartridges in craft SL
Q3 turnstiles differ more in sound quality than replacing speaker cables.
When it comes to cables, the big rig uses audio quest Ruby, KimberPBJ, a range of Monster Cables, various radio cabins gold
Tablet interconnect, several gold-
Whatever the turntable is used, the interconnect of the plating manufacturer--
They are hard wired so you don\'t have much choice.
AudioQuest Ruby is a large and thick wholesaler that alternately serves as a pre-amp feed for power amplifiers, or analog output from a Parasound C/DP 1000 CD player to a pre-amp.
It\'s too big, and I want to believe that it can power behemoth power amplifiers like Sunfire \"better.
But to be frank, the muy thin PBJ and the solid Radio shed line can do the same.
I noticed that, as described in TK, the interconnect could actually fail
Most of the time, they don\'t.
So, if there\'s no empirical evidence-
\"Blooming\", \"air\" and \"being\" do not constitute empirical evidence ---
I will continue to suggest that the wires are wires in withKWN, TAN, JMC and HF.
Don\'t be popular for expensive things, even if a famous audio writer asserts that $200 is \"modest\" for the ameter length pair \". \'Tisn\'t.
Maybe it\'s an obscene thing.
Save your money and do important things.
Howard falls (HF)
Price: cost-
A valid speaker cannot be domuch (if any)
Better than $360 a car.
CBM-for lifting acoustics-170systems.
I reviewed these a while ago (
At the time of writing this, my comments have not been printed yet)
While they do need subwoofer to do their job to the maximum, they fit in with many excellent submarines in a gorgeous way.
Promotion is currently incahoots and Xu (see below)
The result was a bang. for-
Some of the best bangs Buck Dior.
Medium speakers
Price: you can\'t do too much for money (if any)
Better than NHT M6 \"evolved\" satellite systems at $1,200 per pair.
I saw those three. way, four-driver (8. 25 x 20 x 10. 25inch)
Not long ago, speakers from another magazine, they coincide with any number of good submarines (
Including those done by NHT.
In a great way.
These satellites can play a greater role than the dominant units, and they are a bit flat in terms of measured mid-tone and high-pitched frequency chamber responses.
If your room is large and you are a perfectionist it is worth the extra cost.
Plus a pair of W1 submarines from the company, a pair of ira1 subwoofer amplifiers, their dedicated X1 crossover speakers, and two sitting on their P6 stands --
Channel evolution packages cost up to $4,000, pushing the portfolio to a higher pricepricedcategory.
However, if you feel cheap, buy M6 satellites and submarines at a reasonable price (see below)
And put the speakers on the stand at sommeradio Shack.
The result should be as good or better.
Believe me at this point. If flat-
Panel speakers are useful for you, considering $1,500 per pair of outstanding technology LFT
Eight systems I reviewed recently. (
At the time of writing this, my comments have not been printed out yet. )
They push-
Pull magnet structures to distinguish them from most other flat structures
Magnetic design, while they do prefer to roll out tweeters more than some, their mid-tone response is the best.
They not only provide the kind of polar sound that many enthusiasts worship, but also the 8-
The inch dynamic bass speaker is able to produce a very good bass response.
If the package above is a bit above your consumption level, but you still want the speakers in the middle
Price category, consider $1,000 per pair of NHT ST4 systems.
These very small floors.
Standing work has the same tweeter as M6 plus a fine of 6. 5-inch midrange(
A pair of these drivers use M6 and a4 to handle the lower mid-tier.
5 incher processing the middle sound of m6)and side-firing 8-inchwoofer. A good home-
The theater package will include a $300 SC1 center speaker (
I checked this MTM unit and ST4 system in issue90 and the consumer report recently gave it a top rating)
Plus a surround tax of $300 per SB1 unit.
If you want to go to the last 9 yards with this combination, you might want to combine it with a good subwoofer (see below).
Speaker, higher-
Price: combined with any exquisite subwooferpackage, it may be doubtful whether the cost of spending far more than M6 will make a serious improvement in your hearing.
If you want to venture to a completely upscale Place, a great option is new, every pair of Dunlavy SC-IIIa systems [
Note: Dunlavy Audio LLC was operational in November 2002 and by the time this article was written it looks like the company is no longer there. -KWN]
The speaker and the previous SC-III;
It\'s actually a redesigned version of thecata that I reviewed in issue 87.
Anyone can guess if the two will surpass the NHT evolution package.
My personal opinion of the two was that the match was a draw.
In addition to the cost of the fully evolved setup, the extra $1,500 you will be a little bit better
The bass extension is more convenient than the one provided by the W1 submarine, with only two boxes (
Electronic crossover without exotic must be fooled)
And real wood finish.
However, keep in mind that M6 can also fit with other submarines that are deeper than the W1 version or their bass
IIIa system, some of which are quite low in price (seebelow).
Click currency once from SC
IIIa will give you the TriadInRoom silver bag I reviewed for issue 93.
On the 10 th, you have three identical front-line satellites, two and a half satellites.
Bipolar wire surround satellite, two combined subwoofer crossover/amplifier and two subwoofer systems.
The result is a wonderful sound in an attractive package that will treat any kind of surroundings fairly
Source material or dsp processing.
Whether only two Indoor silver channels are selected (
Including sub and sub amps)
$6,800 will cost more than two other upscale hotels
The channel package I mentioned above is controversial.
However, there is no doubt that these two
Channel and five
Channel Triadpackages will fit better into some home decor than subwoofer
Leading NHT packages or a pair of large SC-IIIa units.
In addition, the triad submarine can slightly exceed NHTsubs and SC-
In terms of depth, IIIa bassbass extension.
In terms of actual maximum output, they also have their own ideas.
Subwoofer, subwoofer
Price: $500 SVS 25-
31 pci is a good choice.
Instock form it is flat and drops to 25Hz, you can choose notcharge, in-
Push the bottom down to the factory mod at 22Hz. (
There was a slight loss in the medium term
So the bass height. )
The room was clean and impressive.
Not long ago, I connected it to a system that took advantage of a highandlow-
Filter at 40Hz.
The result was a sensation, with subgenerating rooms-
The vibration level is far below 25Hz.
Spend a few dollars less and you can get less and less noticeable Xu VTF-2.
I praised the submarine among the previous staff.
Pickpicking, priced at $450 (
Decreased compared to the previous $500)
Could be an explosion in the world. for-
Champion Buck subwoofer
One can debate the merits of these SVS and Hsu sub, but the bottom line is that both will work very well with any of the satellite speakers listed above.
In fact, any of them (
Even very low.
Model of price increase)
, You will have a speaker package that will provide some of the best complete-
The range system I tried.
In most cases, the decoration considerations determine which one is better.
Medium subwoofer
Price: The best three are Hsu VTF-3(
This is what I recently commented for another magazine)Xu TN1220HO (
And SVS 16-46 PC (Issue 88).
20Hz per room, about $800 per room (
This will vary depending on the choice of amplifier and equalization
Everyone needs all the subwoofer.
The SVS version has recently been upgraded (the 16-46PCi)
Offers modest performance improvements, but the price is the same as before. I use a half-
In my intermediate system, use VTF-3 in my living-
Room system and centered on TN1220HO
Channel sub in my main system.
All three of them are killer, with a pair of great satellite speakers or five great speakers.
Satellite arrays allow you to hear world-class voices.
Higher subwoofer
Price: I continue to recommend any velodyne HGS series for those who have a costis-no-
The attitude of the object to the performance of the subwoofer, and who wants their submarine to have Bass
Comparable to the distortion level of some amplifiers.
I looked at it.
12 in issue 80, earlier versions of HGS were reviewed18 (
F1800rii, I continue to use it as the main sub in my biggest System)
In issue 67 and reviewed HGS-
Another magazine.
Velodyne has recently upgraded the entire servo system, and the new equipment undoubtedly continues this tradition.
Note that these new models are a bit more expensive than the previous ones, but, hey, at this level anyway, the cost is noobject.
If you want to spend a lot of money on the Velodyne servo system but still want this one --
Clean bass, seriously consider the $1,500 paradigm servo 15 I reviewed in question 71.
Although not as clean as Super Velodynes (
And the front-to-
Might be a bit too noticeable for some rooms)
For music and family
It is completely equal for the theater to use it.
Interestingly, I recently checked the Velodyne on-
Found their FSR-
12 still in production, the suggested tail is still fixed in the middleprice/high-
It costs over $1,300.
I reviewed it in issue 67 and continued to think it was the best smaller-
Submarine is provided in the room and the response is servo clean as low as 20Hz.
In fact, if the room is 2,500 cubic feet or smaller, it would be a better option than the much more expensive HGS
12 models, and larger models.
EQ and analyzer: The three eq I\'m continuing to fix are $530 (
Stereo for $1060)AudioControl C-131(
I discussed it in issue 68 and James Frane reviewed it in issue 76),$500 Rane THX-
22, and $700 Homme-60 (
I reviewed both issues in Issue 83).
The speakers are not perfect and the room often confuses the functions of the speakers.
After quite a bit of experiments, I have come to the conclusion that even the best speaker/room combination can benefit at least from the alternative amount of active equilibrium.
Morover, good but not good speakers can be close to great, if an equalizer is pitching and helps to calm down small anomalies.
In fact, use the EQ correctly (
With the help of decent RTA)
When it comes to delivering flat responses to the listener\'s ears, it can work near miracles.
When it comes to RTAs, those super
Seriously consider smoothing the speaker/room response might seriously consider the $1,200 audio control
I like 3051.
Use when I look at the speakers.
Those with more budgets may consider the company\'s $650 shelf --modelR-130 unit (
Reviewed by James Frane in issue 76).
There seems to be some viable versions of the VLC as well.
Surround processors, amplifiers, and receivers: the various models in these categories come and go so fast that it is difficult to recommend any particular model.
I can make some suggestions and comments, though.
Dolby Digital-and DTS-capable, THX-
OneNote TX-Select Certification, $1,050
The DS787 receiver I reviewed in question 86 has been discontinued for some time.
However, the newer TX-
DS797 is basically the same as adding Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS Neo: 6 decoding for two-
Channel music and film material-
Whether to set a matrix for special decoding.
My experience with dpl ii and Neo: 6 allows me to safely recommend any receiver with dpl ii and Neo: 6, and the failure of OneNote --
Free quality and other capabilities bring it close to the highest level in the price category.
797 itself may have been replaced by a new $1,000 TX-
The SR800, which may be based on what other units offer.
There is no doubt that some stores will sell 797 pieces as clearance items.
If so, it\'s worth buying one. The Yamaha RX-
Z1 receiver has all the fancy features any sane person wants--and then some.
It may seem a bit expensive for a receiver for its $2,800 price tag, but we have to keep in mind that it is a full price --
Tilt device, it\'s also $400 less than RXV1 itreplaces.
As with all the other new receivers, it has dpl ii and Neo: 6, plus the latest Dolby numbers and DTS decoding, and also the yamaha proprietary dual-
The channel source, as well as the enlarged light channel, really surround you with sound. (
It is now the only Yamaha product with pre-function
In addition to the current standard three regular surround channels and three up channels, the effect Channel
Main channels. )
Since I bought my review sample, I feel it is safe to recommend it.
CD player: forget it.
Buy a DVD player
Almost any model (including name-brand near-
Budget work from Best Buy and electric city)
Will do it.
If you\'re planningscreen, high-
Defintiontv set gets a DVD player with component output that provides a 2/3 drop-down line-by-line scan.
Wire, interconnect, and banana connectors: buy them at Home Depot or in a radio shed and then stop worrying about wires, interconnect, and banana connectors.
Buy a cheap one while there, \"full-
One or two surge protectors. James T. Frane (JTF)The Bryston BP-
The 25 1 added to my system is as good as any preamp I hear.
Its performance makes it part of a special value for its $2000 price tag.
If you are looking for a pre-amp in the market, I suggest you try this out.
Parts Express 10 \"Subwoofer Kit is advertised for less than an hour of assembly.
In terms of its price, if you want to add bass to a small satellite speaker in a stereo or home theater system, this subwoofer is a very smart option and it\'s fun to assemble.
The Revel F30 speaker has a bass extension of realistic quality. They are well-
Definition, articulate, music, let you hear the contents of the recording.
The F30s never drew attention to them themselves, and the sound floats in the space with good recordings.
Stage technology of Teatro 7. 5s (
A bite as a name)
Very good speaker value.
They are coherent, integrating drives into a single source that covers most of the spectrum.
I can stay with them for a day. to-
As I have done for weeks, it is comfortable to listen during the day.
I think they are one of the best examples of potential value in the speakers, and the best example I have heard for less than $1,000.
Induction dynamics ID-
The S1/1 w speaker is designed for freestandingor in-
Install in their own shell walls.
They have a coherent, musically involved overall sound and entice a person to take longer than planned. They are well-
Balanced and all-round, even at low hearing levels.
They are relatively expensive but still a good value and sound good. Dunlavy\'s SM-
1 The Speaker extended the high point without the hardness prompt.
They are easy [except eyes [
The most important thing is
Very attractive
The Music Show is stable through the well-
The integrated driver, the sound does not seem to be made by these people.
I listened for hours without fatigue, boredom or the desire of other speakers.
Pure enjoyment, this is the goal of hi-
It should be the fi system. [
As noted above, Dunlavy Audio LLC began operations on November 2002. --KWN]The Mach One M-
In addition to the minimum octave missing, both speakers are very good in all areas of reproduction.
They are against the more expensive speakers I \'ve tried, still my reference speakers and NHT subwoofer.
Like any speaker, NHT SW3 subwoofer bass performance changes with position.
Closer to the wall will increase the bass;
Getting closer to a corner will make it stronger. The SA-
Built-in 3 subwoofer amplifiers
The design of the electronic crossover speaker allows the output of the subwoofer to match many different satellite speakers and many subwoofer. The SW3 and SA-
The value of the combination makes people sensitive.
I really enjoyed my time with the McIntosh MA6850 integrated amplifier.
Many of its functions are designed.
Not only is it built like a battleship, but it is of very good quality.
I did not find any sound defects compared to the separation I had at hand.
The only downside to it is that it is quite heavy with no handle, no headphone jack, no phone preamp, and the cost is high and a lot of people can\'t afford it.
The remote control works very well, providing convenience for not having to leave the listening chair-
I was particularly impressed with the possible volume control.
The da8 of Weltron is an outside number-to-
Analog Converter
Old CD player.
This $200 unit improves the performance of an elderly person (\'87 vintage)
CD player. The NHT VT-
2 Music/home theater speakers are not visually noticeable and perform very well.
They have the versatility to allow users to switch between intersections and can change their performance for stereo or home theater applications.
I checked the parasol in HCA.
The 1000A power amplifier was eventually bought out.
It performed very well and in my system there was no loud passage and dynamic transient and never ran out of steam.
There is no mechanical noise, and the electronic noise is also very small.
This noise is only proven when my ears are right on the speaker and only amounts to a slight noise.
Audio control R-
130 analyzer and C-
The 131 EQ performs the desired function well.
They have the potential to improve a variety of systems.
Room combination.
If all other avenues are followed when trying to correct the frequency response exception in the system, then C-
The solution could be a 131 eq.
R30-1 enables you to make adjustments in the system (
There is or is not balanced)
And identify the impact on the entire audible range.
The Bryston B60 integrated amplifier has a smooth, neutral sound and accurately reproduces the environment of the recording.
The dynamic transient is handled well without congestion.
Thanks to its performance, its physical aesthetics, and its obvious parts and workmanship, it will be a very easy-to-have amplifier.
However, I missed the phono preamp without it.
Almost any potential purchaser is interested in isBryston\'s 20-year warranty on parts and labor for manufacturing defects.
The B60 is completely quiet, either in the unit or through the speakers.
The Dynaudio listener 60 speaker is sturdy in structure, visually attractive and has a good sound.
I think the quality of buildings and components may continue to produce good sound for many years.
I can listen to them for a few hours at a time without fatigue, and their slightly softer voice will attract many people.
They are very reasonable for $1200.
Grado Prestige\'s red song.
There may be some recorded differences between this cartridge and its more expensive brother, but it\'s hard to imagine that performance will be more enjoyable and musical.
Grado Prestige Red proves that people don\'t have to spend a lot of money getting good sound from the record machine cartridges.
More expensive cartridges are likely to provide incremental improvements in one or more areas, but Grado performs in cases where such improvements are minimal.
Whether it\'s appearance or sound, the Krix Lyrix speakers are appealing.
They have detail and extended bass and treble with smooth and pleasant mid tones.
They are well worth a look at fine wood furniture and alisten to fine sound.
In addition, their relatively high sensitivity means that they can be filled with medium-
No room with sound size using ahleigh
Power amplifier.
The Mach 1 subwoofer is well thought out and has a solid structure.
The bass is clean, clear and has no sound distortion when it appears in the music.
The flexibility of the variable electronic crossover switch can be seamlessly integrated with the satellite speakers.
While the price is not expensive, the price of the Mach 1 is competitive compared to many power subwoofer.
Celeste I of Seymour Dior-
The 5080 integrated amplifier is a high quality amplifier that looks pleasant.
My biggest complaint is: lack of balance control (
No optional remote)
, Lack of Phono preamp (
More and more common)
, And the source selection must be completed step by step.
These are not professional. they are all personal preferences.
The SimAudio Moon P3 preamp features high quality parts and construction.
Its aesthetics is a matter of taste. -
I heard all kinds of opinions from my family and friends.
Reviews from vintage, Art Deco, gorgeous to nameplate are inconsistent with the rest of the design.
Its style may produce more comments than many other components.
Its sound is first class and its operation is perfect.
My biggest complaint is that there is not a phoneme preamp, which is an increasingly frequent communication.
Also, I missed a mono switch which is useful for Speaker settings.
SimAudio P3 is an excellent pre-amplifier.
Sony\'s XA20ES disc player is good-
Use the sturdydrawer mechanism.
The spindle accurately locates the CD and the stainless steel stabilizer plate with a magnetic insert, firmly fixing the CD in the appropriate position.
All controls work the way they should on panels and remote controls.
The remote control is not particularly sensitive to the angle and distance from the player.
Good performance and sound.
XA20ES is a CD player worth listening.
The Thorens TD 320 Mark III turntable has a good suspension system that can isolate the disc from the vibration transmitted by the motor and through the support foot.
It has good control and good music reproduction.
A series of adjustments allow the maximum performance to be extracted from your cartridge.
The bass reproduction is good.
From an aesthetic point of view, the black wood grain of the Solon People is attractive.
The SoundWorks tower speakers in Cambridge are a great value.
Their bipolar radiation pattern increases the spatial sense of sound, but can make imaging a little lower than good imaging accuracy
Forward design-
The first speaker.
The voices of both men and women sound believable.
They went deep in the bass, with some Roloff at the lowest eight degrees, but not much.
Audio expert Crescendo CO-
The 26 speakers are beautiful speakers with high quality drives and excellent installation and finish.
They have very attractive music and don\'t have very strong bass lines. Tom Krehbiel (TK)
For me, this \"recommended component\" is the essence of contradictory psychology.
I like to read what other people have to say.
It\'s ridiculous for me to make a list myself.
It feels a bit like mending a pair of shoes.
Too many fit, feel, style and personal preferences are included here.
Like footwear, there are different configurations for different needs.
For example, I would definitely not recommend my indispensable Hobie sandals to a ballroom dancer.
So with these excuses, I will mention some of the items that have caught my attention or attention in the past year, and occasionally issue a disclaimer.
I started with Apex ads. 1100W multi-
DVD player format recently described.
It is cheap and compact in structure and handles various disc formats including various types of photo discs.
It is also quite capable in terms of audio and video performance, and it is very enjoyable to use.
But the one next to my VCR is going back to Wal-
Because the rotating disc becomes more and more violent.
I don\'t want a refund other than rathera replacement.
I think when you buy a $60 DVD player, you have to deal with the last point of quality control yourself.
There is no doubt about the quality control of the music ringtone regulator.
You can find my detailed comments elsewhere in thiissue.
I have installed the model mr101 in my system for a month and now it is as indispensable to me as the sandals I mentioned above.
But, as I said in my full report, if you\'re basically not happy with the performance of your system, the music ring won\'t fix it for you.
Solve your problem first, then buy a music ring to make your wonderful system sing more beautifully.
I \'d be happy to recommend sonic fidelity monologue model speakers that have been my absolute music reference for 15 years, but unless you happen to see this pair of rare used speakers, you\'ll never find them. (
None of these are current solquybrand speakers. )
The best thing to do next is here.
Open your computer, surf the Internet and enter the website of the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (
And search for the patent number on 881,265.
Be sure to include commas.
This will enable Jim Gallas to present the original patent of the apexloudspeaker design based on his monologue model.
There is enough information for you to build your own. Good luck!
I would also like to recommend the first hardware product C1 speaker from Chesky.
But so far, it seems to exist only in the form of prototype pairs shown in the home entertainment 2002 program.
As of this article (late fall 2002)
A spokesman for Cheskywebsite\'s page also said, \"it\'s just coming! ! !
\"Then the Cyrus icon.
It\'s not a vaporizer like Chesky c1.
It actually exists as a production project.
We can\'t get it in this country yet.
It is based on NXT technology called \"surface sound\" by Cyrus.
\"I heard the NXT suite at CES a few years ago.
The icon is the speaker system I have heard (and seen)
In the past decade, I will consider making tangible improvements to what I have now.
As far as the speakers you can go out and listen to and buy, I was impressed by the Confidence C4 speakers from Dynaudio.
Their price is $19,000, a bit above the actual level, they are in more size than I would like to see in the hearing room, but their sound quality is as extravagant as their price and proportion.
Gregory Coster (GK)
Since my last faculty selection, the industry has changed dramatically.
Most of the components I \'ve been recommending are no longer available, and some manufacturers are no longer using them together.
Because I didn\'t hear the replacement item (
Where there are still alternatives)
I have scaled down my list to have confidence in what I recommend.
But I have expanded into new areas.
Look at the travel system below).
Mini system: there are still a variety of optionsin-
A system, but on the speaker most of the time.
Denon solved the problem with their top models, including enthusiasts
Quality tasks for bookshelf speakers.
The latest model is Denon D-F101 ($750)
Including two mini
Chassis of receiver (35 wpc AM/FM)
The CD player, plus a pair of beech m71 speakers, features a Beachwood finish.
It should be available when you read the article.
Distribution channels may still have previous models Denon D-F100S ($700)
It combines similar electronics with the Mission 771 black wood-grain speaker.
I have heard of these speakers and can recommend this system without reservation.
Both systems will have a little bit of a short ison deep bass and you can solve this problem with a small power subwoofer like Mission m70as ($400).
CD player is an endangered species.
If you\'re happy with 1-
A bit of a sound, you might also get a DVDplayer and use it for a cd.
But if you like the sound of the Amulet
A bit D/A, like me, you need a cd player for enthusiasts and your options are getting limited every year.
ROTEL is a value leader in this design, but even their product line has narrowed down to just two options. The RotelRCD-02 ($500)is a slim-line full-
Width chassis with burrs-
The Brown 1732 \"24-bit\" D/A of the HDCD circuit is also included.
I suggest you take the time-size Rotel RCD-1070 ($700)
For enhanced power supply including large ring transformer.
The most critical part is always the speaker, and my experience prefers two manufacturers: Van der Stin and tradition.
There can be no error in Van Destin\'s 2Ce signature ($1,550)
: Get a lot of bass from 8 \"bass speakers and 10\" acoustic coupler;
Sounds like a good concert hall (
Instead of adentist\'s drill);
Relatively tolerant in room arrangement.
Values from double-
Knitted socks finish saves expensive veneer and Labor but may not be suitable for your decor.
Better yet, Heritage Signature III ($4,000)
I looked at issue 91.
The combination behind-
Step 1 processor panel switches and options ($1,200)
Any material in any room gives you unprecedented control and three 10 \"woofers will give you bass.
However, if the bass is not enough, the traditional first subwoofer ($2,400)
Added a 15 \"metal driver and similar 15\" acoustic coupler with its own 750 wpc amplifier.
No one needs bass more than this.
But if you do, you can use two of them).
I have now used one in the Sig III system and the bass effect available is fantastic.
Now we need some electronic devices to improve the system.
When Klipsch bought Mondial, Acurus seemed to be missing (
Only expensiveAragon line down)
So you \'d better strengthen my favorite preamp, traditional assembly line ($1,800).
Exquisite silent, sturdy construction, convenient remote control--
I like the previous design plus 1-DB volume step.
As mentioned above, I will add the traditional first step processor ($1,200)
Customize the speakers according to typical room conditions (
All these bassdrivers plus 7 \"mid-
Bass and mid-tone can put a lot of energy into your room mode).
So you \'d better complete this system with legaowerbloc2 amp ($2,400).
You may use any number of other premium power amplifiers, but have never heard of this difference, but this situation affects other components and produces 300 wpc at 8 ohms (
Completely double to 600 wpc at 4 ohms)
So I think it\'s a good value monster amp.
Travel system: \"You can\'t carry it with you \"--but nowyou can!
Travel in this world at least. . .
I have been using portable CD.
Players with the best radio cabin-the-
Headphones, but that makes too much plane noise and cd a hassle during the trip.
MP3 players look much more convenient, but their limited storage means either low
Quality conversion or very small repertoire.
The Apple iPod changed it all with a built-in device.
Of the 5 gb hard drives claiming to have 1000 songs ($300).
Even at the highest conversion rate, I haven\'t filled in my yet and the current line offers 10 gb ($400)and 20 GB ($500)
Models including remote control and suitcases.
The coolest thing is the elegant way the ipod links to iTunes software on the Mac, and now Windows users have similar software.
The IPod eliminates the hassle of carrying a cd with you, but there is still a noise problem.
The solution to this problem is
6 isolated headphones ($140)
It can shield almost all the ambient noise.
The model sounds good, but the bass is a bit shy.
What about the beauty ~4 Power ($330)
The bass is said to be better, but I don\'t think the travel system is worth that much.
I would like to add a net short portable amplifier (
$120, but only $100 if bought with headphones)
But that will add more complexity and trouble. The ER-4s are fine. Tom Lyle (TL)
I think I will try something different instead of just repeating last year\'s choices with some updates-
The history of my \"reference (
How much I hate the term)
The system over the years.
For their first purchase, few enthusiasts go out and spend $15,000;
Therefore, upgrading your own equipment is a favorite clothing for many people involved in this \"hobby.
I would recommend any equipment listed here;
Most are available.
I delayed pricing due to most of the gear value fluctuations/unknowns that were discontinued.
When I was in my teens, this crush bit me (
Although I hardly think of myself as a enthusiast, music lovers)
My system is mainly composed of the remaining PA devices of my rock band, and the astereo receiver acts as a phonograph preamp and headphone amp.
The PA system was barely practical when I was an adult, but I kept an amp, a Crown D-
150 drive my Polk 5a speaker (
I wouldn\'t recommend these old Polks like their new model).
Ipurchased chased a cheap NAD preamp and I can\'t remember his model.
I still recommend NAD amps, preamp and CD players to aspiring enthusiasts and friends who just want a good, reliable, decent piece of equipment.
I ended up upgrading my amp to NAD 2100 stereo power amplifier and soon after that I bought the second one to use as a bridge pair.
The turntable is a direct one. drive Denon DP-
A loud sound, a loud sound.
The turntable is very reliable and I used it in the second system of the 1990 s (
There are several different cartridges though).
It sounds surprisingly good, very reliable.
I think they are still making this turntable in one way or another.
I upgraded my speakers in time.
I believe that only speakers designed to be studio monitors can handle all the different types of music I listen. I bought a pair of Jaime.
Although I would hardly recommend them to a enthusiast, there is still some wisdom in this regard, when I was asked by a young, cash-strapped rock fan what speakers to buy, I do not hesitate to recommend their monitors for home use.
Still, I needed more refined speakers shortly after this transfer, and by the beginning of 1990 I bought a pair of Snell C/.
These speakers were great at the time and will most likely be consistent with many current models.
If needed
Range speakers and have their room and I will audition for a pair.
I\'m finally tired of their greatest weakness. -a mid-
The bass hump caused too much standing waves in my relatively small 14\' x18\' x8\' hearing room.
I upgraded a pair of classic.
I make my highest recommendation to these speakers for $3,175. This 6-
The frequency response of the drive behemoth is reduced to 22 hZ, very flexible through its 5 back
The panel toggle switch and works well with various amplifiers.
They recorded the longest time in my system.
After using it for a while, I upgraded to aClasse 70.
This is a big improvement because it is much bigger to improve and expand.
After that, I went to the big Krell 250a.
On 250 wpc, this $3000 amp that was recently discontinued has helped me a lot in the last few years.
Recently, I was very impressed with 30 wpc (! )
Output transformer-
Less, Atma driven by 30 wpc tubes-Sphere S-30 ($2850)
Connect to 8-
Ohm friendly monologue 6. 3 ($3,199)two-and-a-
Mid-way speakers.
I never thought it would sound so good to be too low a power amplifier (andloud! )
Accompanied by the Velodyne HGS15b subwoofer, the system is simply a natural fit.
My first preamp.
The end credentials are PS Audio 4 H.
This is still a popular preamp among some enthusiasts and can be relatively cheap.
It has a good stage for the singing machine and can accept mm and MC cartridges as well as a pair
Through the switch, the pre-amplifier can be used passively.
Then I upgraded to Conrad. johnson\'s PV-
11, then to PV-12.
There is no production now.
I recommend PV-
More than 11 12 because of its natural sound (
Lower price)
You can buy about $1g in the second-hand market.
I currently use the auditory illusion modulus 3a with a gold MC record board (about$3200).
This is the best tube preamp cheaper than used imported cars.
By the end of 1980/early 1990, I have upgraded my turntable to aused, mid-1980s AR ES-
Elegant 707 tons.
AR and stillis are a great beltDrive the turntable.
It is based on the same principles as the famous XA, but more refined.
It worked with a good tonearm and cartridge to get into the great field of simulation.
I then went to a modified Oracle Delphi turntable and upgraded my arm to mt umiko/Premier mt.
I am currently using the Basis Debut V turntable and aTri-
Plane VI Ultimate sound. My first high-
The end ink cartridge is Sumiko Blue Dot ($195).
I used one when I first came out. -
On my Denon and then on my AR.
I \'ve recently heard one in someone else\'s system and can say it\'s still one of the greatest high schools
End the bargain that exists.
I\'m special from that Blue Dot ($295)
But because I \'ve been breaking the nude stylus
Body Model, steering Mercedes-Micro Glider($795)
These two years or so are very useful to me.
When I got my basi\' table I upgraded to Lyra Clavis and changed it when it was discontinued by Lyra Helikon ($1995).
I think one of the best investments in the simulation system is the avacuum wet/dry record cleaner.
The cheapest is a record company made for audio consultants by Nitty Gritty for $200, which includes some record cleaning fluid and a brush. Premier! vinyl pre-
Cleaners can work well even without machines.
I use it before each wash and on records that have been cleaned and need a quick touch.
CD play is never my specialty. -
My digital playback system sounds good, but it\'s hard to ignite the flame on the analog device.
This may be because I didn\'t put time and money into the CD like a simulation, but it was said that there is a standard 16/44 that is controversial.
The 1CD system can play the lp better on my stereo.
That\'s not to say I didn\'t take the time to listen to the cd. -
I have collected more than two thousand silver plates.
Still, I started at 955.
This is the first CD player I have that doesn\'t sound objectionable.
I then upgraded to Meridian 207 and then to Meridian 200/253 transmission DAC combo.
These two Meridian units are much better than Rotel, but their drawers are running all the time.
I endured the inconvenience as they sounded very good, plus I bought them at a fraction of the original price.
This is the world of CD playback--
Just like computers, they upgrade quickly and are out of date, so a lot of bargains can be found in the second-hand market.
I\'m using Pioneer DV now-
525 DVD player as a means of transport for permanent Technology, P-1A ($1,099)
It brings digital signal to 24-bit 96Hz resolution, Anda 24/96 DAC, P-3A ($799).
This is the first CD system that won\'t give me a headache after a long listen.
I think the next step is to upgrade to the SACD player which can also play the dvd to USAS a transport.
As we all know, I believe it is very important to power a person\'s equipment ---
When you live in a densely populated area like me, the power regulator can make your system sound different.
I have tried out countless air conditioners, and the products from Tice, MIT, Chang and Blue Circle have been greatly improved.
But it wasn\'t until I tried the PS audio power plant that my system was able to reach its full potential at any time of the day, any day of the week.
They combine pure AC power supplies that provide enough power to drive the front end, and the P600 is used for power amplifiers.
The best \"traditional\" power regulator I have ever used is the Panamax Max 5510, which has not only AC input but also connectivity and telephone lines, and it has an ordered power-onroutine.
Last but not least, the hearing room
In the audio chain, which is the most important link besides the software.
The way I put speakers, furniture and other items in the hearing room is to get the best sound (
Tolerated by my dear wife).
Since the setup details of each pair of speakers entering the room have changed, there is little room to describe it ---
But there are two ways.
If the speaker goes along the low wall, or \"thirty laws\", the Speaker 1-
A third seat and a listening seat in.
Third, move along the opposite wall.
The other way is along the long wall, on the third way into the room, the listening seat is against the back wall opposite.
This is how my current rig is set up and it reduces the side
The walls reflect to irrelevant places.
Happy to listen! Thom Moon (TM)High-
High-end tuner: sleep Dragon Dynalab exercise Song (Discontinued)
Overkill unless you have a great FM station you listen faithfully, but farand away is the best combination for real
The power and glory of the world. No presets. Useful hi-
Mute hybrid circuit at the cost of some high frequency separation.
Excellent atseparating stands close to each other on the dial.
Six years later, I\'m still a referee.
Recently replaced by MD100. Real-
World tuner: NAD C440 ($299)
In any case, this is not the most sensitive or selective FM tuner;
Its sound on AM is a bit \"squeezed\"nose\" variety;
Like most British people.
It has no signal strength indicator.
These sum up its shortcomings.
Its advantages are: excellent sound on FM (
Very close to the Etudes); real station-
Tension on AM;
30 presets, any of which can be AM or FM;
Good FM hybrid circuit;
A very useful eight.
Character, programmable alphanumeric reading so that the frequency reading can be replaced by a station call letter or something. Solid; not flashy.
Reasonable value.
Budget singing: Green Grado Prestige ($60)
Its response is not as smooth as the Grado signature, but it sounds better than anything else I \'ve heard for the money.
It also tracks well.
Perfect old double 1218 or Garrard lab-
80 people lurking in the closet
Integrated Amplifier: Lynn Majik-1P ($1,345)
At first glance, this gem does not look like a reasonable value: 33 watts per channel (8ohms;
Double 4 points)for $1,300+ (
Preamp with phono).
But its voice let the Magi people live up to its name.
This is the closest thing I have encountered to the classic \"straight line with gain. Bi-
Connect your favorite speakers;
Give it a good source and you will be fascinated.
This is my main amp for five years and I haven\'t heard much better so far.
The only limit it has is: it doesn\'t like to play loudly through the speaker, and the speaker gives it a complex load. Mini-
Display: ELAC 205Jet ($1,278)
Bottom line: I didn\'t hear speakers of this size (13\" H x 7-7/8\" W x11-1/4\" D)
Sounds good. Detailed highs;
Great mid-range Musicdecent bass;
Excellent imaging.
Also attractive at the end of their available Alder.
Jazz and chamber music are the best works, but they also handle the main symphonies and rock/pop/country music well.
Cheap indoor FM antenna: Terk Pi sells for about $50 on the street and you will get a small, almost decorative unit even at 20-40 miles away.
But to get the best you need to be able to move around and not be too aggressive with gain control.
Less help for the AM band. Roy Nakano (RN)
Here are my choices for smart choices.
Because I think many of the wisest choices (
The best one to buy
They are often used equipment and they have been put on this list.
The logical source of used equipment is popular auction sites such as asebay. com.
However, the price is not always that good as you will end up competing with the whole country to buy this product.
So we should also consider
Auction sources such as recyclers.
Or your local ad.
DVD/CD player: Apex AD-1500--
Who would have thought that one day you could buy aDVD player for $70?
At this price you can get a DVD player that can also play CD, SVCD, CD-R, CD-
RW and MP3 format. The Apex AD-
1500 uses the es4318f processor, and amateurs are very good --
It\'s about the same way that young hot Rhodes turned the Honda civilization into their favorite imported tuner.
It\'s available at Walmart. com. Apex AD-600A--
Apex first gained a reputation with this player, which is able to play any DVD in any part of the world and play 13 hours of MP3 music from a single CDR.
Earlier versions have amadevision-defeat mode.
RIAA blocked this, but Apex hobby figured out how to get it back. The AD-
600A went for a while, but apex cleverly brought it back to the market.
This unit also sounds good in CD play mode.
You can buy a new ad.
Get 600A for $150 through theApex Digital Onliine Store.
All the hot info you want is on Sony DVPNS755V--
Five years ago, you could buy a traditional CD player for $5,000.
Today, it doesn\'t sound like SACD for $250 (Super Audio CD)player.
Sony has a player that plays stereo and multi-channel SACDs, which is called DVP-NS755V.
It\'s also a progressive DVD player.
SCAN function, you can also play CD-Rs and MP3 CDs.
The street price is $250.
Turntable: ar xa/XB turntable--
A cheap but reasonable design with a lot of history.
AR turntable is the inspiration for Linn Sondek LP-12.
Robert Clifford wrote a fix for it in Los AngelesA. AudioFile (laaudiofile. com).
There are also Mods.
You can buy about $100 in the second-hand market.
Flat 3 turntable system--
Rega is almost brand new bargains.
It is equipped with an outstanding tonearm, rb300.
Armalone is used to spend arms and legs, but Rega will sell you 3 packs of the whole plane (with a high-
Including quality turntable)for $750.
The price of a second-hand system is about $400.
Pre-amplifier: Dynaco PAS-3 times preamp-
They\'re getting harder and harder to find, but you can still pick up a used PAS-
3x good condition for $50-
100, this is the price that has been maintained for the past 20 years.
There can be more units in Mintcondition. The out-of-
Making PAS is very popular among enthusiasts.
However, even in the unmodified form, enthusiasts have been gentle about this rather decent thing.
Vacuum tube preamp.
Type 300 receiver-
This is a product with alineage, which is very cheap and very decent.
That\'s Tom Holman (
Father of THX)
There is his famous preo preamp on the map.
If nothing else, you can use it for its phonics section.
About $125 can give you a good used device.
Its schematic is on the lower side of the receiver. NAD 1020--
Pre-amplifier part based on 3020, its TomHolman-
Inspired voice recorder part (
Similar to theApt design
Holman preamp and Advent Model 300 preamp section).
Good turntable system.
Street price around $125
Amplifier/receiver: Dynaco Stereo 70 amplifier (the original)--
Dynaco Stereo 70 is carved from a traditional sound Academy-i. e.
An obese disease.
Defined at the bottom, very three-
In the dimension of the themidrange it sounds a bit bright in the upper part of the middle segment.
This makes it hard for you to find, but you can still find one on the used market for around $75 --
$175, about the same price range as at the new time.
Stereo 70 is definitely not the most accurate.
Sounds good, but this is the best tube show in town for less than $500.
NAD 3020 integrated amplifier--
Perhaps the largest integrated amplifier ever.
3020 originally sold for $175 and registered a Tom Holman-
The pre-amplifier part of the inspiration phonograph can play 2-
Ohm load, as well as the regulation to connect the preamp to a more powerful amplifier.
NAD produces 305a, 3020B, and 3120, all of which are essentially the same integrated amplifiers, offering some features or improvements.
Everything keeps buying well. Onkyo TX-SR700 Receiver--
The Home Theater Receiver is getting better and better, but it\'s getting harder to find two features: the ability to handle the load of the low-impedance speaker and the phonograph preamp.
This model has both.
This one uses Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES andDolby Pro
Logic II decoding and DTS Neo: 6 modes.
, Plus demand pre-amp-
Output of S-Class subwoofer
Video connection, light input and output. $800 (street price).
Digital satellite radio tuner-
This is not the best thing CDcan offer, but digital satellite radio will blow away any commercial fm signal on the market.
No one can guarantee XM or Sirius (
Two existing satellite radio services)
But the initial expenditure is so small (
About the expenses that enthusiasts pay for a modern society
Terminal record Cartridge)
This is not important.
The quality of the signal and the large amount of material provided (
Including uncensored comedy, almost every type of music you can think of, children\'s radio, public broadcasting, sports, news, etc. )
Low monthly service fee ($9.
The more mature XM service is $99 per month and $12.
95 business-
Service Sirius free).
If you want the best quality sound, stay away from the RF modulator.
The initial expenditure was approximately $300.
Recording equipment: Sony TC-
Dubbing band-WE675-
In this digital world, there is a place to place the sette assette deck and the price is getting cheaper and cheaper.
675 is the successor to Sony\'s deck, which continues to win the championship
Ranked in consumer magazines.
This feature is a relay record that allows you to record in this dual-well deck.
Sounds good, but still doesn\'t have the performance of the old-fashioned Nakamichi deck.
Can record four-
However, one-hour radio shows and other unrealistic musical pleasures make the pain worth it.
$200 is a gem. JVC HR-S3901 (black)and HR-S3911 (silver)Super VHS Hi-Fi VCR--
Yes, it\'s the old fi, but the media is still handy for video archiving.
Fortunately, the price of video recorders is as low as ever. $150 for a 400-
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