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trump imposes tariffs on solar panels, washing machines in first major trade action

by:Meixin     2020-04-25
On Monday, President Donald Trump took action on two pending trade disputes to impose tariffs on imported solar panels and washing machines.
These two actions represent Trump\'s first tariff order, it is the most important trade action trade agreement since he withdrew from the Pacific trade agreement early in his presidency and launched a comprehensive reform of North American free trade negotiations.
The moves are a response to a petition from US manufacturers who have been complaining for years that the increase in imports is eroding their sales, which may mark the government\'s start to launch a broader offensive against the United States. S.
Trading partners.
Chad Bohn, a trade expert at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, said: \"It is very likely to open the floodgates . \".
In terms of solar panels, Trump imposed a 30% tariff in the first year, which will gradually fall to half of that in four years.
The taxes are not as harsh as the two companies Suniva and SolarWorld, which seek government relief.
\"We are still reviewing these remedies and hope that they will be sufficient to address the surge in imports and to rebuild solar manufacturing in the United States,\" Juergen Stein said . \", President and Chief Executive of solarWorld Americas. The Suniva-
SolarWorld\'s request for protection has been opposed by many countries in the United States. S. solar industry.
Making solar panels more expensive, thus blocking the tariffs it uses will result in 23,000 installers, engineers and project managers losing their jobs this year as the billions of dollars planned to invest have evaporated, according to the solar industry association.
The group says up to 260,000 of the three Americans currently employed in the industry are at risk because of tariffs.
\"I can\'t believe this president ---
Any president. -
Will voluntarily choose the fastest one to hurt
The growing part of our economy, \"said Tony Clifford, chief development officer of Rockwell Standard Solar, Maryland.
\"The decision was wrong, denying the reality that the bankrupt foreign company would be the beneficiary of the American taxpayer bailout.
Environmental activists also lamented the decision as a setback for the further development of renewable energy.
Howard Christo is a senior lawyer at the Center for Biodiversity.
\"If Trump really wants to put America first, he should reduce our dependence on polluting energy sources that exacerbate climate change.
Instead, this profound political move will make solar power more expensive for ordinary Americans, while supporting two failed foreign countries. Own company.
\"In terms of the washing machine, Trump acted on Whirlpool\'s petition, and Whirlpool complained,
The cost of competitors Samsung and LG compete. The first 1.
Imports of 2 million washing machines per year will face 20% tariffs, and additional imports will face 50% tariffs.
According to Monday\'s announcement, tariffs on parts will also reach 50%.
\"The president\'s actions once again show that the Trump administration will always defend American workers, farmers, ranchers and businesses . \"S.
The trade representative Robert Lighthizer said in announcing the moves.
In both cases, Trump acted according to US regulations. S.
The trade law authorizing global or \"guaranteed\" tariffs has never been used since President George w. Bush.
Bush imposed tariffs on imported steel in 2002.
The safeguards process will ultimately decide whether to implement trade remedies to the president rather than to non-political trade experts who normally rule on trade disputes.
S. companies have so far avoided seeking security help, Mr. Bowen said, fearing that the presidents of both sides in favor of globalization would reject their requests.
But Trump has changed that.
\"The signal is: if you have any credible claims, now is a good time to bring it,\" said a trade expert . \" He asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak to the media.
President Obama plans to travel to Davos, Switzerland, to attend the World Economic Forum later this week.
He is scheduled to address Friday\'s annual meeting of business and government leaders, who are enthusiastic supporters of the global economy Trump has vowed to reshape.
The two tariff decisions were made after years of trade litigation. S.
The company complains about trade behavior equivalent to \"Whac-a-
A campaign to correct unfair foreign trade practices.
In the case of solar panels, the Chinese government\'s huge subsidies and industrial planning are seen as the reason for the surge in solar cell and component production in China and the collapse of up to 30 US companies. S.
Solar panel manufacturers
According to the office of the US trade representative, China\'s share of global solar cell production rose from 7% in 2005 to 61% in 2012.
On 2013, the Ministry of Commerce imposed tariffs on South Korean washing machine manufacturers Samsung and LG in response to Whirlpool\'s complaints about its competitors selling products in the United States. S.
Lower than production costs and government subsidies.
In response, South Korea moved production to China and fled the United States. S. tariffs.
On 2017, Business imposed new tariffs on washing machines arriving in the United States. S.
This time, Samsung and LG moved from China to Thailand and Vietnam again.
Further US is expectedS.
Samsung and LG both announced plans last year to open new factories in the United States. S.
Samsung\'s factory in Newbury, South Carolina, has begun initial production.
LG\'s factory in Clarksville, Tennessee, plans to start producing new washing machines in 2019.
Jeff fetich, Whirlpool chairman, said: \"This announcement ends nearly a decade of litigation and will create new manufacturing jobs in Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee.
\"This is a victory for American workers and consumers.
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