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vandal urges plastic-bottle ban

by:Meixin     2020-05-11
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This plastic bottle will be expelled from the city.
If the public works boss of the municipal council has his way, he has the facilities. St. Boniface Coun.
Dan Vandal has begun efforts to eliminate the sale of all plastic bottle drinks sold in the city --
Own facilities.
The move means that in vending machines and buffets at city offices, community centers, arenas and other public facilities, plastic bottles, soda, juice and sports drinks will disappear and will be banned whenever possible.
\"This will be a way to lead by example in terms of the environment,\" Vandal said on Tuesday after the committee\'s public works committee approved a motion to explore plastics. bottle ban.
Vandal\'s proposal made the city solid
Until October, waste management will investigate ways to eliminate plastic sales
Bottled drinks from the city
The ban was imposed.
The move will not affect the sale of plastic bottles elsewhere in Winnipeg.
But Van der Dahl said it would significantly reduce the amount of plastic in landfill sites.
\"We have vending machines everywhere,\" he said . \"
\"Not everything can be recycled.
Opening ceremony of Winnipeg State Universityof-the-art water-
Sewage treatment plant of $300
The millions of facilities completed in 2009 mean no one in the city has a reason to buy bottled water, and bottled water is almost always less pure than the water in the faucet, Van Der said.
But no bottles.
He added that the sale of water alone would lead to more people buying sugary drinks and explained the decision to ban all plastic bottle drinks.
At the same time, aluminum cans tend to be recycled at a higher rate.
Mr. Wang\'s proposed ban is the second in the past week to be plastic-related.
On June 27, the president of public works vowed to reconsider the idea of reducing the number of plastic bags in Brady Road landfill --
It is possible that, like Toronto, their distribution is completely prohibited.
Winnipeg initially studied plastics
The package was released after Coun in 2007.
Justin swendel (St. Norbert)
It is said that plastic blowing from landfill sites to Waverley Street is a disease.
At that time, city staff concluded that more should be done in Winnipeg to educate the public to reduce the number of plastic bags and promised to discuss the issue again in the future.
On Tuesday, the public works committee provided a report to city staff as of October on the status of removing plastic bags.
Meanwhile, Mayor Sam Katz said such a ban would be imposed by the province. bartley. Kives @ freepressmb.
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