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Whats Move The brush Machine Working?


The brush machine is open by air compressor and city electric supply.

Screw type single stage compression air compressor is compressor is composed of a pair of parallel rotor  gear 

together( or screw rotation) in the cylinder,  the volume change of the rotor slot between the air continuously 

produce periodic air,   along the axis of the rotor by the suction side is transmitted to the output side,   

realize the whole process of screw type air compressor the suction,   compression and exhaust.   The air inlet and 

the air outlet of the air compressor are respectively arranged at both ends of the shell,  and the grooves of the 

negative rotor and the teeth of the positive rotor are driven by the main motor to rotate.

The motor is driven directly by the motor,   so that the crankshaft rotates and drives the connecting rod to cause 

 reciprocating movement of the piston and cause the change of the volume of the cylinder.   the change of pressure 

within the cylinder, the air inlet valve to make the air through air filter 9muffler) into the cylinder during the 

compression stroket,   teh cylinder volume reduced,  compressed air through the exhaust valve,  the exhaust pipe,  

 a one-way valve (check valve) into the gas tank,  when the exhaust pressure reaches the rated pressure of 0.7MPa 

by the pressure switch control and automatic shutdown.    When the pressure of the air tank is loered to 0.5-

0.6MPa.   the pressure switch is automatically connected and started.

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