Official recommendation of 3 Axis Automatic Twisted Flat Brush Making Machine MX512
To provide high-quality 3 Axis Automatic Twisted Flat Brush Making Machine MX512, the state-of-the-art production equipment is adopted by Meixin.
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Its properties are optimized thanks to metal. We have 3 Axis Automatic Twisted Flat Brush Making Machine MX512 in various colors and sizes. We offer a range of design services to help you get exactly what you want. Core technologies such as experienced technical are applied in the production. On the strength of a.installed with one tufting motor head,high speeding processing,high volume,cost effective b.this machine can produce many different kinds of brushes or brooms which have different filling angles, by changing specific platform c. filament by:round nails or flat nails d. PLC and Touch Panel Control System of Man-Machine, Chinese and English display, simple to understand. e.allow to save as 2000 procedure and easy for the creation of new models f. Wearing parts and spare parts are standardized designs to reduce hair mechanic technology dependence g.our machine can produce either one color two colors or three colors brush, Low noise making brush tufting machine can be seen. It has come into a wider use in many fields including tomakeflatbrush. 3 Axis Automatic Twisted Flat Brush Making Machine MX512 is honored to receive Patent Certificate. Our company committed: One Year year(s) of warranty. With our fully equipped machines, we can produce 3 Axis Automatic Twisted Flat Brush Making Machine MX512 to your exact specifications. See more here: http://www.mxbrushmachine.com/brush-machine
Meixin 3 Axis Automatic Twisted Flat Brush Making Machine MX512 3 Axis Brush Making Machine image5
Meixin is an innovative manufacturer focusing on Brush machine. Meixin has engaged itself in the Brush machine industry for 14 years. So far we have earned great brand reputation in over the world,including India,Vietnamese,Venezuela,Taiwan area,South American and so on. We are constantly making progress to add new innovations to our product range: 2 Axis Brush Making Machine,3 Axis Brush Making Machine,4 Axis Brush Making Machine, 5 Axis Brush Making Machine,Brush Trimming Machine,Other Brush Machines, Broom Making Machine,Industrial Brush Machine. Meixin customizes different types of brush machines according to your requirement Meixin is a manufacturer of making machine of brush. Technical service is accessible by Meixin. Professional after-sales service is also provided by Meixin. Meixin has a professional and experienced technical development group. Meixin has made a wide range of recognition and excellent reputation in the market. Meixin has established trade relations with customers from India, South American and so on. Meixin built a factory to suit the development of the company, which covers over 8000㎡. Meixin has done a lot to raise quality levels and striven to establish a sound quality management. Meixin has abundant brush tufting machine processing technology and strong design capability. Meixin provides pre-sale service including consultative services, sample testing and visits to the factory. Meixin has been adopting advanced technological innovation. Meixin has been improving production equipment and ensuring strict management. Meixin is dedicated to supplying high quality and high cost-effective productions for customers. Meixin is an enterprise in researching, manufacturing and marketing of brush machine. Meixin has enough space to satisfied the increasing producing requirement. A perfect service system has been set up by Meixin. Meixin has attained patent certificate. The vision of Meixin is to innovate constantly for the benefit of customers. The core value of Meixin is customer first, pursuing excellence and innovation.

We take the idea of 'focus on customized high speed brush machine'. For more information about our company or products, welcome to contact us! http://www.mxbrushmachine.com

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