Key advantages of enterprises

Meixin comb brush making machine manufacturer ,a leader in this industry ,specializing in brush making machine line for more than 14 years . The varies customized brush machine which it developed by ourselves brought relevant solutions in this brush machine flied. it also provide the professional training for clients still they could operate machine perfectly .Moreover it has rich tufting production line ,strong design capability and perfect customer service system.

Key product advantage

After 14 years of accumulation, the company has developed the excellent 3--5 axis single (double) color CNC high-speed tufting machine .For instance, the round/flat wire brush drilling and tufting machine,broom tufting machine ,brush trimming machine, brush drilling machine,5 axis 2 drilling and 1 tufting machine so on . It is widely use in producing different brushes .Such as ,nail brush,toothbrush,household cleaning broom and brush ,industrial brushes,steel wire brush.etc. Furthermore,our machine is customized ,we would make according to the customer request .So far,we Become one of the most complete factory of  brush machine in China.

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