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Pakistani Clients Placed Orders


Another bulk order was attracted to Jiangmen MEIXIN Comb Brush Making Machine Factory! Back to early this week, a group of Pakistani customers came to our factory looking for brush making solutions. After cooperative communication, our professional sales team understood their specific needs for the broom machine and recommended a list of high quality machine according to their needs by giving a comprehensive and professional introduction to each machine.  

While getting to know more about our factory and range of products, the customers visited our exhibit of products and production process under the guidance of our attentive staff. They were very satisfied with our qualification and dedication to quality of products and services.


Having negotiated about specifications, prices, trading terms and other material matters in respect of the products in transaction, the Pakistani customers placed a 40HQ order without hesitation, which included 4 axis fan broom machine , NO dust broom machine as well as broom materials like filament of Broom PET.PP and plastic mold, metal handle for broom.  

After signing the trading contract and making clear about all the matters, our technical staff arranged for production of the ordered products in accordance with customer requirements and conducted stringent inspection and test for the production process and products before timely delivery. We are always striving for customer exceeding satisfaction.

With over ten years experience in high speed broom machine manufacturing, Meixin has always been committed to providing supreme quality brush machines and related materials in line with international standard while offering professional consulting services, so that we can establish long team cooperation with global customers.

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