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diy build bb-8 in india || android controlled and talkative || life-size

by:Meixin     2020-05-02
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This project is about how to build a work, life
Arduino-size, chatty
Control Star Wars BB-8 droid.
We only use household materials and Arduino circuits.
In this regard, we use old news paper, foam board, wood, PVC pipe, etc. Description :-BB-
8 is a spherical robot with freedom
The head moves in a dome.
He is white with an orange and silver accent on his head and a black optical lens.
In this movie, he has a very important task that he has to complete, so he uses his personality, his humor. BB-8 \'s Body :-BB-8 \'s Head :-
Robots and electronics :-
Other materials :-
Pump enough air until you reach the maximum diameter of your beach ball (50cm).
Mix the two parts of the glue together with the parts of the water.
If you can\'t find it then you can use other pva glue.
Take a pile of newspapers and cut some small strips of equal size.
Spread a few newspapers on the surface of the beach ball and brush with your glue mixture.
We are basically doing a huge pinata.
We will use the beach ball as our model for making paper models.
You have to cover the ball before 4.
5-story newspaper.
Let it dry now.
You can use a hairdryer with an electric fan.
Once the newspaper is dry.
Now, it\'s time to cover it with a canvas.
Cut some canvas strips and repeat the process as a newspaper.
Keep in mind that there is no heavy stack.
Cover it with two canvas layers.
Now, keep it dry again.
Now, put some putty on the ball.
Do the job using a metal applicator.
Putty fills the gap.
After polishing, any excess putty will be removed.
After the Putty is dry.
Sprinkle sand on the surface of the ball.
You can use an electric sander for this job.
Now, it\'s time to draw bb. 8\'s body.
Spray some white paint first.
Draw some details on bb
8 body, then paint with paint.
Compared with painting, manual painting is simple and accurate.
After that, it was time to cut the ball in half with a hacksaw.
Keep in mind that the ball should be cut in the center and do the work with care.
Remove the beach ball after cutting.
Take some foam board and cut some circles.
Now, stick them to the pyramid as shown in the picture.
Remember that the last lap should be 30 cm.
Now, take a thin sheet of sand and sand the pyramid like a ball.
Now do some small foam board eyes and antennas and stick them together.
Paint bb-head again with paint8.
Draw the outline from the mark.
Now, cut some boards into circles and do some cutting for the motor.
Install the motor in the gap of the wood circle.
Add two casters as shown in the figure.
Now put the plate in half a ball and make sure the wheels of the casters come into contact with the ball.
Download and extract the folder.
Connect the Arduino Uno to the Pc and upload the program.
Two circuits are given.
Connect the first Bluetooth module in the given way, and then connect the motor through L293D.
Make sure the L293D is connected correctly.
Download the android app from here.
Measure and cut a PVC pipe that will be installed in the center of the wooden base.
Make a triangle mounted on top of the PVC pipe.
As shown in the figure, glue the casters and nd magnets together.
Make another triangle for the head and glue the casters and magnets as shown.
Add Bluetooth speakers for sound.
Put the whole body in half a ball and cover it with the other half.
Now, seal with transparent tape.
Finally put your head on it. . . . . Ready now. . . . . Thank You. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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